Here are Wonderful pictures of the Jewelcollect Members, Hosted by Jan Gaughan of Eclectic Vintage.

Jewelcollect Members Photo Album

All the best Costume Jewelry, and Assessories Sites on the Internet!! Believe Me!!!

Here's a great sites for Jewelry Supplies & etc!

B'Sue's Boutiques, Supplies & Jewels [Brenda Sue Lansdowne, Owner, E. Palestine, OHIO]

Mrstones4u, Supplies of replacement Rhinestones [Matt Ribarich, Owner, Chesapeake,Va]


Absolutely Vintage Designer & Collectible Jewelry [Joan Vogel Elias, Owner]

A Cache' Of Jewels [Sandra Lee Wollin, Owner]

Ann's Collection: Vintage Jewelry and Accessories [Ann Mills, Owner, Royal Oak, MICHIGAN]

Antique Designer Costume Jewelry [Valerie Gedziun, Owner]

Antiquing On Line [Elaine Kula, Owner]

Antiquitus: jewels from the time traveler [ Mary Maxwell, Owner, West Virginia]

A Twinkle in Time Vintage Jewelry & Accessories [Cindy Amirkhan, Owner,Grants Pass, Oregon]

Aurora Bijoux [Jenny Stephens, Owner]

Aurora's Willow Creek [Carol Fitzpatrick, Owner]

B'DAZZLED Vintage Costume Jewelry [Brenda Challinor , Owner,Washington]

Bells Jewels [Suzie Bell, Owner]

Bohemian Trading Company [Lynne Headley, Owner, Cochranville, PA]

Capricious Crowns and Jewels [Dinah Hoyt Taylor, Owner NY]

Chic Antiques [Pam Wiggins, Owner (Texas)]

Costume Jewelry Shop [Mary Ann Murphy, Owner ]

Clerestorial [Barbara Sallen, Owner, Arkansas ]

Earthly Adornments [Caryn Naiditch, Owner,CA. ]

Eclectic Vintage [Jan Gaughan, Owner, New York]

Eclectica Vintage Jewelry [Laurel Ladd Ciotti, Owner]

Elizabeth's Elegance II [Beth Dennis, Owner (Iowa)]

Emerald City Vintage Costume Jewelry [Beth Rowlands, Owner, California]

Eureka, I Found It! [Susan, Owner]

Faux Jewels [Lee Caplan, Owner, Canada]

Forgotten Romance [Yelena, Owner]

Garden Party Collection [Adrienne Shivers,Owner, California]

Gemsplus Vintage Jewelry & Collectibles [Renee, Owner]

The Glitter Box Vintage Designer Costume Jewelry [Sheila Pamfiloff, Owner (California)]

Grandma's Top Drawer [Monica Williams, Owner]

Granny's Jewelry Box [Pat Hamm, Owner, Richmond, Va.]

Illusion Jewels [George and Dotty Stringfield, Owners]

Janeliunas Jewelry [Nancy Janeliunas, Owners]

Jan's Jewels [Jan Costiloe, Owner]

Jarrett's Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques [Sally Jarrett, Owner]

JEWEL DIVA [Connie & Chris De Nave, Owner]

The Jeweled Forest [Kathy Flood, Owner, Kimmswick, Missouri]

The Jewelled Jester [Dana Schroeder, Owner, Indiana ]

A Joolfiend's Treasure [Gail Pullin, Owner]

Lady A Antiques [Andra Behrendt, Owner]

Liz Collectible Jewelry[Isabelle [Liz] Bryman, Owner]

Milky Way Jewels [Cheri Van Hoover, Owner (California)]

Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry [Jane H. Clarke, Owner (New Mexico)]

OohAah Antique Jewelry [Lonny Rosen, Owner]

Past Perfection Vintage Costume Jewelry [Cheryl Killmer, Owner, Chicago, IL]

Remember When Vintage Jewelry [Rita Perloff, Owner, New Hampshire]

Renaisance Jewelers [Stephanie & Robert Packer, Owner]

Rhumba! [Terri Friedman, Owner]

A Shop 4 Antiques [Mandi Birkinbine, Owner(Idaho)]

SPARKLES Vintage Costume Jewelry & Fine Estate Jewelry [Janet Lawwill, Owner(Arizona)]

Things gone By [Darlene Tzavaras, Owner]

Twin Brooks Antiques and Collectibles [Judith Katz-Schwartz, Owner]

Valentina's [Paisley, Owner]

Vintage Costume Jewelry.Com

Vintage Jewelry Collect [Melinda Benicia, Owner, California]

Vintage Treasures ]Brenda Nurenberg, owner]

Welcome to Wendy's World [Wendy Gell, Owner]

Whiskey Creek Jewels [Lorie Mattson, Owner, Georgia]


Boffo Beads [Susan Corwin, Owner]

Creation by Javi

THE GLASS RABBIT - Original Jewelry/Watercolor Designs [Gerri LeCrone, Owner]

Ron's Rhinestones [Ron Edelstein, Owner]

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