Some Vintage Apparel that just is soooooooo!!! much fun to Wear!!!


Black Felt Small Tilt Hat with Blue Feathers & A Black Curly Top

This hat is really cool! I’m not sure what age this is or whether it’s original. It has a pear shape with a tag in back and measures 9” long and 6” wide. It is 5 ½” tall from bottom to top. The material flower on the top is pinned on. It has black ribbon ties and is in good condition.

Order Number: # hsmblf Price: $75.00

Custom Made Beaded Cream Color Cloche

This hat is from the 20’s It has white beads and cream straw-like threads. It has a black folded crepe material in the front (or it could be on the side) In the middle of the fold is a celluloid dancer piece with faux pearls & rhinestones! It is missing some of the pearls and rhinestones, but they could be replaced. Around the base of the hat is material that has some wear, if you look carefully you can see it in the pictures. So, the cloche is in pretty good condition for the age!

Order Number: # hcusbead Price: $210.00

Wool Royal Blue High Hat with Feathers & Beaded Bow

This hat reminds me of the “Queen Mother” hats! It is of the style and type that she liked! It is 100% Wool and Made in the USA. The label inside reads: Custom Made by Eddie Ruth Brooks. The brim is turned up all around the hat and stands 4” high in the front and taperes to 3 ½” in the back. The exterior of the brim has black decorative cording sewn on and blue decorative edging. The exterior of the crown has a beaded bow appliqué and feathers coming out of the bow! The crown measures 7” in diameter and 4 ½” tall. It’s a terrific hat!

Order Number: # hatbERB Price: $49.00

1940’s or 30’s Tilt Grey Velvet Small Hat

This hat is marked with a Original Roberta Bernay’s label. It is 9 ½” in diameter and 2” high in the crown. It has a bow and netting. The netting is very long and hangs down about 18” from the brim. It has big velvet dots on it and each end has a small 4 teeth comb attached. It has been worn and loved. The inside could use a good steam cleaning. It is otherwise in fair condition, but is very good looking on! Check out all pictures!

Order Number: # hRBgy Price: $65.00

John Frederics New York Hare’s Fur Hat

John Frederics was a partnership of John Pico Harberger and Frederick Hirst, as milliners, in 1929. He started his own millinery company, Mr. John, Inc., in New York in 1948. He’s one of America’s foremost milliners, famous for his hat’s in “Gone with the Wind”! I’m not sure of the date of this hat, but I believe it’s from 40’s. It’s very tall measuring 8 ½” tall from the brim in the front to the top. In the back it’s 7 ½” tall. The small half brim is 2 ¾” from the top of the grosgrain ribbon to the edge of the trim. The inside has a orange velvet ribbon around and measures about 20” around. The label reads: John Frederics, Made in America New York. And a second label reads: Choplin’s. The hat is also marked Princess Genuine Lustre Hare’s Fur Body, Made in Italy. The front of the hat has a grosgrain ribbon bow! This is a rare find and it’s in great condition!

Order Number: # hatJFny Price: $120.00

Victorine By Degarie Lucite & Gold Shoes

These shoes are just beautiful! They have plastic sides, Lucite heels, and rhinestones flowers on the toes! They are marked size 6. The heels are 3” from bottom to top. They also come with the older shoe keeper. It is rose color and you can see it in the picture. These are in great condition.

Order Number: # clrsf Price: $95.00

Jack McConnell Boutique Gold Flowered Straw Hat

This hat is asymmetrical and in super condition! The brim is full of gold little flowers. The brim measures 3 inches at the widest point. It has a crown that is higher at one side. One side is 5” and the other 2” high. It has a bow on one side with gold brads. It measures 23” around the inside of the crown. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # hgoldJM Price $ 110.00

Black & White with Silver Threads Mad Hatter Hat

This hat has silver threads in the white part and shinny black threads in the black part. It has a satin head band with a bow in the back. It measures 12" in Diameter at the brim and 18 ½" in diameter at the crown part. It's 5" tall. It is possibly a 50's or early 60's hat.

Order Number: # clbwhat Price: $33.00

Christian Dior Yellow & Light Pink-Orange Turban Hat

This hat is in very good condition. It is marked Christian Dior Chapeaux Paris-New York. It has a yellow & Orange Pink Roses hanging from the back. It measures 22” around the inside.

Order Number: # hCDy Price: $110.00

Asymmetric Navy Straw Hat with Ostrich Feathers

This hat is really nice looking when worn! It has a rather large brim which is cut up on one side and decorated with ostrich feathers. It has a tag inside which reads Hats of Distinction by Carrye Evans. 18245 Livernois , Detroit, Mi. It measures 4 ½” from the rim of the inside crown to the edge of brim. The crown is 7 ½ in diameter and 3 ½” tall. It is in great condition! Check out the pictures!

Order Number: # hatnavyfD Price: SOLD

Brown Felt Pill Box Hat with Feathers

This little pill box type hat has the most unique feathers. It has a label that reads The May Co. Cleveland! The crown is only about 2 1/2" tall but the feathers reach another 2 1/2" upwards. The There is also a light brown veil that is tied in a bow in the back. This hat is older probably circa 30's. It has the elastic strap still on and tissue paper in the small 1 1/4" brim.

Order Number: # clbrfh Price $45.00

Pastel Blue Feathers and Sequin Hat

This beauty is light blue with tiny seed beads hand stitched on material. It is covered with blue & pinkish tint feathers. The back is decorated with a blue velvet bow. It also has the black elastic strap. All the decorations & feathers are covered with blue netting and the inside is a blue cloth over a wire frame. It is in good condition. !

Order Number: # clhatrsf Price $45.00

Red Suede 4 ½” High Heels

These heels have never been worn! The inside says Delicious. And they are delicious! They are size 6 M.. The heels look like laminated wood, as do the bottom of the ball of the foot! No scuffs on these shoes! The bottoms do have the ridged no skid area! These look great on, makes you a lot taller.

Order Number: # shoered Price: $40.00

Pink Velvet, Pink Netting and Silk Roses Large Brim Hat

This hat is a wonderful hat for any collection. The material is a rose colored soft pink velvet with 10 layers of light pink netting on the top coming from the brim. The top is decorated with silk roses and two large cream ostrich feathers. The underneath side has the short crown like a 40’s topper with a swayed out velvet brim. I hope you know what I mean, I’m not that knowledgeable on hats, I just like them!!! The hat measures about 17” in diameter and the crown part is 6I wide and 1 ½” deep. The label says Designed by Patrice. It is in great condition. This is just a lovely hat, reminds me of garden parties in the spring!

Order Number: # clhatpinkR Price $125.00

Turquoise and Black Feather Chapeau

This fantastic hat is covered---I mean covered with feathers. Turquoise feathers cover the under part of the brim and black feathers cover the top. It also has a big turquoise feather flower on the side. This hat is marked with a label inside reading "Chapeau Creations, Original Custom Designed". With its small up swept brim, it is a great hat and very unique!

Order Number: # clturbfh Price: $70.00

Whittall & Shon Grey & Black Derby Style Hat

This hat is definitely more masculine than the flowery hats you usually see. It is a medium brim hat in grey felt measuring 3 1/2” with about 1” turned up. The band is 2 ¼” in black & pinkish-grey satin material with a big black bow in the back. The top of the crown is flat and covered with a black lacy material. The opening is 6 ¾” by 7 ½” (both directions). It has an elastic black band to put behind the hair or under the chin. It looks terrific on and it’s in great condition.

Order Number: # hatgbw Price: $ 55.00

Black Ostrich Feathers Heels

I call these my “Marilyn Monroe” shoes! They are small size 4 ! The heels are 3 ½” tall and are slip-on! The one is marked Polly of California.

Order Number: # clbksho Price: $35.00

Ann Dillon Original White Straw Hat with Gold Leaves

This hat is quite unique. The opening measures 7” by 6 ½”(diameters, both ways) and the crown is 5” high and rounded. The white straw (Which may be synthetic, I’m not sure) is decorated with gold tone cloth flowers and leaves. It is an asymmetrical shape, with one side of the brim turned up. The brim measures 5” out from the crown. It measures on the upturned side 5 /4” tall. It actually looks great when worn!

Order Number: # clwgADhat Price: $45.00

Black Ostrich Feather Toque Forward Tilt Hat

This hat is a puzzlement! It looks very much like the hat’s from the late 1800’s. (Small, worn right on the crown of the head, puffy, with feathers and birds) Or some of the forward tilt small hats from the 40’s. It has a label inside that reads Josephine, Grand Rapids, Mi. It measures 7 ½” long by 6” wide. The whole top is black ostrich feathers. The back has a small piped satin bow along with the satin piping enhancing the middle of the feathers! It is very stylish, but I believe it to be older than the 40’s.

Order Number: # hatJose Price: $ 75.00

50’s or 60’s Black Satin “Lampshade Style” Hat

This hat has a high crown. It is 4” high with a brim that is floppy and measures 3” in the front and 2” in the back. The material appears to be a shinny satiny piece with a stiffer material as the lining inside. Almost more like a grosgrain material. The brim seems to have a stiffer fabric inside also. The brim is deliciously gathered to provide large folds that give this hat a very feminine look! The material floppy bow on the crown has a hand sewn grayish appliqué with tiny seed beads. It also has a black glass hat pin. This hat is very really in good condition and ready to be worn!

Order Number: # clbsilkhat Price: $55.00

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