Victorian & Edwardian Jewelry

Victorian Jewelry Era: 1837 to 1901

The Victorian Era was really Queen Victoria’s life time and is usually divided into 3 sections for jewelry identification. And within each section are other movements that led to certain styles of jewelry.

Early Victorian (1837 to 1860) sometimes called the Romantic Period. This had the jewelry which was referred to as the “Language of Stones”. (In which gem stones would spell out, such as “Regards” and Dearest”. ) And Hairwork jewelry was not just for mourning, but for mementos to be worn as love tokens. Mourning Jewelry was also popular here as well as the other Periods.

Mid-Victorian (1860 to 1885) sometimes called the Grand Period, because so many other movements that were influential in the styles of fashion and jewelry. The Aesthetic Movement started in the 1850’s but much influenced the Arts & Crafts Era (1870’s through the 1890’s.)

Late Victorian (1885-1901) sometimes called the Aesthetic Period. The Art Nouveau period (1880 to 1890) was started here, but born out of the Arts & Crafts, the Symbolists and the Aesthetic movements of the Mid-Victorian Era.

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