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Pot Metal Rhinestone & Enamel Airplane Pin

This little pot metal pin is from the 20’s or 30’s. It is made of silver tone pot metal with enamel and pave set rhinestones. It measures 2 ¼” wide and 1 ¾” tall. Some of the enamel has been worn off, but most is there and it still looks great! It’s a wonderful example of the old pins!

Order Number: # pplcir Price: SOLD

Small Enamel Articulated Windmill Pin

A cute little windmill, with the wings that whirls around has rhinestones in the bottom. It is made of pot metal with an antique gold tone and yellow enamel. It measures 1 ¼” tall and ¾” wide. It is really cute. What a wonderful find!

Order Number: # pwindm Price: $45.00

Lucite “Forbidden Fruit” Pin

This Forbidden Fruit pin is in good condition. But I’m not sure what it is. Is it a cherry, a grape or a purple plum? It measures 1 ¾” by 1 ½” and has purple rhinestones inset in the Lucite. The gold tone leaves on top have a faint green cast, like the enamel has worn off. But it sure looks good!

Order Number: # pffche

François Large Blue Fruit Pin

This pin is large! It measures 2 ½” by 2” and 7/8” in depth! It is marked François in script with a copyright mark before it. The leaves are green enamel, but the fruit has 2 tones of blue rhinestones! It looks like an apple, but maybe it’s a grape? It’s a great pin!

Order Number: # pFapple Price: $65.00

Bowling Pin and Ball Pin and Earring Set

This bowling ball and bowling pin pin is set in pot metal with rhodium coating and has clear diamentes and baguettes. It measures 1 ½" tall by 1 ½ " wide. The pin has 3 red rhinestones in the ball for finger holes. The earrings are clip backs, with 2 bowling pins and a bowling ball. What a cute set for the avid bowler!

Order Number: # pbowl Price: $35.00

3 Very Nice Boat Pins

1) The top pin looks like a Viking ship! It measures 2” wide by 1 ¾” tall. It is a cast piece, gold tone with turquoise & clear rhinestones. The waves on the bottom are silver tone. It has a bar-over safety clasp. Order Number: # pviks: Price $39.00

2) The bottom left pin looks like a gondola! It measures 2” wide by 1 1/2” tall. It is a textured gold tone with enamel & clear rhinestones. It has a rabbit ear safety clasp. Order Number: # pgonb: Price $25.00

3) The bottom right is a pin looks like a early sailing ship. It measures 1 3/8” wide by 1 1/8” tall. It is copper with enamel. It has an older “c” clasp. Order Number: # pshipe: Price $19.00

Hand Pin Holder for Eye Glasses

This pin is a eye glasses holder. It is silver tone textured metal with a black enamel cuff and a red rhinestone between the fingers. It is 3” by 2 7/8” and is in excellent condition.

Order Number: # pheyegl Price: $55.00

Sterling Mexico Hand Pin with Black Onyx Cabochon

This Pin is signed 925 Mexico TA-95. It measures 3 ¼” by 2 “. It is in great shape!

Order Number: # pMhando Price: $70.00

Gold tone Teapot with Rhinestones Pin

This cute little teapot gold washed pot metal. It has clear rhinestones set in the top with painted enamel on the flowers. It is 1 ½" by 1 ½" and has the "c" clasp of the older jewelry. This is a cast piece of jewelry with some weight to it for it's size. It is in excellent condition. It has the same look as a small Coro Teapot!

Order Number: # pteap Price: $ 35.00

Older Pot Metal Rhinestone Flag Pin

This great old pot metal flag pin is in great condition. It is 1 ¾" by 1 ¾" and has red enamel with clear & blue rhinestones. It is silver tone pot metal with the older "Over bar" safety clasp. A wonderful pin to show your patriotism!

Order Number: # pflag4 Price: $ 49.00

Enameled Green Palm Tree Pin

This little pin is a souvenir of Florida! It has a “C” type clasp and is a pot metal piece that had a silver tone coating. The back shows the coating has worn off in places, but the enameling is great! It measures 1 ½” by 1”. It is really in good condition for it's age.

Order Number: # penpalm Price $65.00

Jacksonville, Fla Sterling Victory Pin

This pin is marked on the back Sterling and has a C clasp. The middle circle has palm trees and reads Jacksonville, Fla. The pin is a V shape for Victory. This is a patriotic World War II pin. It measures 1 ¼” by 1 ½”. It’s in great condition and a part of our American History!

Order Number: # pVjack Price: $ 65.00

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