Poodle Power! I Love Poodles! My 6 year old Poodle, Bandit is a joy!


Aurora Borealis Rhinestones & Faux Pearl Poodle Pin

She’s just smiling at being so decked out! This poodle pin is done in texture gold tone metal. She has a faux pearl collar and earring on! She sits 1 6/8” wide and 1 ¾” tall. She is in great shape and ready to go out for the evening!.

Order Number: # ppoopab Price: $40.00

Napier Grey Poodle Pin with Movable Head

This adorable little guy is marked Napier. He measures 1” wide and 1 ½” tall. His head is articulated, so it can go all the way around. He has a clear rhinestone collar and a tiny pink eye. He is gold tone with gray enamel. This is a very cute pin to wear! It’s in great condition. As you can see, I also have him in black , same price $45.00, same pin!

Order Number: # pNpoog Price: $45.00

Little Poodle Book Mark

This gold tone poodle will help you find your place in that novel you have by the bed! He’s about 1 ½” all around. He has red rhinestones eyes and sits very patiently for you to return to him!

Order Number: # bmpoo Price: $23.00

Poodle Florenza Match Book Holder

This cute little poodle pal is holding down the stick matches! Her has rhinestone blue eyes! He was made in the 60’s as a vanity accessory. Every young lady just loved to have him sitting on her dressing table! Not marked but, I know it’s by Florenza. It is 1 2/3” wide by 1 2/3” tall. Old match box is still there, but sorry no matches!

Order Number: # mbFpoo Price: $43.00

Pretty Pink Poodle Tape Measure

This is a pink enamel square box with a gold tone poodle on the top. But this just isn’t a box, it’s a tape measure. The tape pulls out from the side and goes to 36”. The box measures 1 ¼” square. The little poodle has green rhinestone eyes and plastic flowers with amber rhinestones on the body. This is definitely 60’s! The enamel pink on the back and front is in great shape, but the poodle figurine on top has some yellowing of old glue. It could be fixed up! Help, he needs you!

Order Number: # tapep Price: $35.00

Gold tone Light Green Stone Poodle Pin

Another delightful little poodle pin with light green stones and faux pearl eyes & collar. . He measures 1 1/2" by 1" and in done in a textured gold tone metal. He too needs a home!! .

Order Number: # ppoolg Price: $24.00

B.M. Pot Metal Enamel & Rhinestone Poodle Pin

This defiantly is a female poodle! She has a enameled pink bow in her hair and no mustache! She measures 1 ¾” wide and 1 ¾” tall. Her body is in the “Show Poodle” cut with black enamel for the body! Pave rhinestones are placed on her legs, tail, head, but and neck. She is marked with a B. and what looks like an M. There is also an M marked by the pin finding. This is an old Bar safety clasp. She is a beauty!

Order Number: # pBMpoo Price: $40.00

Unique Poodle Pin Cushion

Now here’s a poodle with her little but right up in the air! All ready for you to use as a pin cushion. The red velvet bottom is a wonderful place to stick safety pins, so you know where they are, when you are looking for them! She is delighted to be of help! She is 2 ½” long and 2 ¼” tall, made of gold tone metal and definitely 60’s or 70’s.

Order Number: # ppbkr Price: $40.00

Florenza Gold & Red Velvet Poodle Pin Cushion Nodder

This pin cushion is a poodle with a red velvet pin cushion back and a nodder head and tail! By nodder head , I mean it bobs up and down. The piece is signed Florenza and is made of a gold tone metal. It measures 3 ½” long and 1 3/8” wide. It has a height of 1 5/8”. It has red rhinestone eyes. It is in great condition and is a great accessory for the vanity table. It is circa late 50’s,early 60’s. I also have this nodder in black with a a pink cushion, picture on request!

Order Number: # pcFpoo1 Price: $90.00

Silver Tone Fur & Rhinestone Poodle Pin

She is walking tall and proud with her new “doo”! She has fur on her feet, body, tail and head. She also has a red rhinestone eye and a clear rhinestone collar. The fur has been probably worn down over the years, because there is not too much nap. It means she’s been worn and loved, no wonder she’s walking so proud. She measures 1 3/8” wide and 1 ½” tall. She is in silver tone metal with cross bar pin back. She would be an asset to any Poodle pin collection!

Order Number: # poopbkf Price: $27.00

Silver Tone Poodle Pin with Green Eyes

Now, this poodle is confused! Besides the fact that his body is pave set with clear rhinestones and he has a little black nose, some groomer gave him a bow in his hair! He stands 2 1/8” tall and 1 1/8” wide. He is set in silver tone and has the bar pin back. I can imagine him thinking…. “I look pretty silly chasing that squirrel over there with this bow in my hair!”

Order Number: # ppoodb Price: $30.00

Florenza Poodle Pin Cushion Box

This is signed Florenza and is done in a pink antiqued coated metal. The top has a light pink pin cushion with a pink poodle holding a faux pearl. This item stands 3” tall and is 2 1/8” in diameter. It is in really good condition. It was produced in the late 50’s to early 60’s. I also have this pin cushion cup in a yellow or mustard color, Picture on request!

Order Number: # pbFppoo Price: $85.00

Gold Tone Poodle Ashtray

This pretty little ashtray can be used as a pin dish also, for the non smoker! It’s 3” in diameter and has a little poodle standing on one side. It has prong set rhinestones on the rim and a clear glass bottom. This is a great piece of memorabilia from the 60’s.

Order Number: # Saspo2 Price: $43.00

Original by Robert Poodle Paper Weight

This little guy is ready to play with that faux pearl, that looks like a ball! He has little green eyes and a very playful pose! He’s 2” by 1 ½” and is fairly weighty. The bottom should have some felt on it, but it doesn’t now. Other than that he’s in good condition. He has a plaque on the side that reads Original by Robert.

Order Number: # pwROp Price: $50.00

Rosenfeld by Florenza Poodle Lighter

This is a delightful little gold tone poodle who is sitting quietly on the table! Little did you know that his head pops back and he is a lighter! He is 2” tall and 1” wide. He has amber rhinestones eyes and is just “Too” cute. He is marked on the bottom Rosenfeld by Florenza.

Order Number: # slpooF Price: $90.00

Little Poodle in a Bed Pin Cushion

Here’s another little poodle, probably made by Florenza. He is stretching from his little bed! The bed has a light blue velvet spongy material, so pins could be stuck in or it could have be used as a pin dish on the vanity. It measures 2” by 2” and is in great condition. It is in antiqued white coating over metal. The little nipper has light blue rhinestone eyes.

Order Number: # pcpoob Price: $65.00

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