Petite Point Flowers Gold tone Perfume Pin

This little cute pin is really a perfume bottle. It measures 2” from the top pin to the bottom of the bottle, and 1 1/8” wide. The clasp is a elongated “C” clasp. It has petit point flowers on the front, but the back is plain. The bottle has a little glass stopper. What a great conversational piece!

Order Number: # pperpp Price: $ 60.00

Little Round Petit Point Perfume Bottle Pin

This precious little pin is a perfume bottle! It is a round little glass bottle hanging from a bar pin. It has a trombone clasp and is gun metal in color. The top has a small turquoise cabochon and the stopper is plastic. It measures 2” long from top of bar pin to bottom of the bottle and 1 1/8” wide. It really is a sweet little pin.

Order Number: # pbarper Price: $65.00

Black Glass Filigree Half Circle Perfume Bottle

This perfume bottle is shaped like ½ of a circle. It measures 1 ¾” tall and 2” wide. The perfume bottle has a small neck and a clear glass dauber. The cap has a small red cabochon in the top. The bottle has decorative “tombac” filigree in the shape of leaves and an edging around the top of the bottle. ”. The metal is a copper and zinc alloy called “tombac” and the workers who made these were called “Gurtlers”. It’s probably from Czechoslovakia and circa 30’s or 40’s.

Order Number: # perblack Price: $ 95.00

Coty Small Perfume Bottle in a Silver Tone Case

This small, 2 ½" tall by 1 3/8" wide, silver tone case opens up and holds a clear glass perfume bottle. The outside has a crest and COTY marked on it. The inside case has Coty marked as a cut out and the bottle has a gold stamped seal on the front. The bottle swings out in it's holder, so you can take it out to use. There is no perfume in it! But, it's in great condition, the case snaps firmly closed.

Order Number: # perCoty Price: $78.00

Austrian Gold Tone Filigree Mini Perfume Jeweled Bottle

This little bottle stands 2 1/4” tall and 1 ½” wide. It has gold tone gruel work with blue oval rhinestones and clear rhinestones circling a round blue glass stone. The front is decorated, but the back is clear. You can see the glass and the perfume through it! The metal is a copper and zinc alloy called “tombac” and the workers who made these were called “Gurtlers” The top has a jeweled blue rhinestone. It has a glass dauber which is in great condition. It has a plaque with AUSTRIA marked on it. The back has part of a sticker which can’t be read. It could have been a Irice on that label, which means it would have been imported by the Irving W. Rice & Co., circa late 30’s early 40’s. This is a beautiful perfume bottle.

Order Number: # perAusbl Price: $145.00

Pretty Little Glass Red & Clear Round Perfume Bottle

This perfume bottle measures 3” tall and 1 ½” in diameter. It has a red glass ball on the top of the dauber, frosted glass on the part that fits into the bottle top and a clear glass dauber. The bottle is 2” tall without the dauber. And has a fluted type edge and is clear glass accept for the bands of red glass around the middle. The bottom has gold paint with a signature, but it rubbed off and can’t be read.

Order Number: # perrtop Price: $ 95.00

Vanda Canada Solid Perfume Locket

The cameo type flower with green background is a locket with solid perfume inside. The chain is 18" around and the locket measures 1 ½" tall and 1" wide. The inside has the marking Vanda Canada. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # nkVcper Price: $39.00

Blue Glass Brass Flip Top Perfume Bottle

This perfume bottle measures 2 ¼” tall by 1” wide. The brass top is hinged and flips back. Inside is a small glass stopper. I think it had a longer dauber, but it has broken. The top has a embossed design in the brass. It has gold paint dotted on the blue glass, most have rubbed off. One gold star is still painted on the side. This perfume bottle is in great shape.

Order Number: # pertbbt Price: $ 175.00

Irice Jeweled “Star” Top Dram Perfume Bottle

This dram or mini perfume bottle with the jeweled screw top measures 2 3/8” tall and has an oval bottom of 7/8” and tapers upward. The top has a diameter of 5/8” and has a green “Star” glass on top and green rhinestone around it. This gold gilded brass filigree top is marked Czechoslovakia. “Czechoslovakian Perfume Bottles and Boudoir Accessories” by Jones-North (Copyright 1990) has this one pictured on page 69. Irice is Irving W. Rice, a New York Company who imported these bottle to America. The top is what is very unusual! This had some perfume in it and has not been cleaned out!

Order Number: # pergsttop Price: SOLD

Christian Dior Frosted Perfume Bottle

This perfume bottle is marked Christian Dior New York 4 OZ. It measures 3 ¼” wide & 1 ¾” in depth 3 ½” high. The stopper measures 1 3/8” tall and is clear glass with frosted coating on the bottom part. The bottle is frosted glass with a wonderful pattern around it. It great condition.

Order Number: # perCOfb Price: $64.00

Vintage French Silver Blue Jeweled Top Perfume Bottle

This is wonderfully ornate! This bottle is clear glass incased in silver tone metal. One side has the Arc de Triumph in Paris and the other has the Effie Tower. The bottle measures 2 ½” tall and about 5/8” by 1/2” in the base. The bottom has Made in France marked on it. The metal is probably silver washed brass, because some looks to have that golden brass tone. The top is a blue glass cabochon. The top also has little flowers and squares with a glass dauber, which is in great condition. It does not stand up straight, but probably could be straighten on the bottom to do so!

Order Number: # persParis Price: $125.00

Austria Petite Point Perfume Pin and Earrings

The little button type earrings measure 5/8” in diameter. They have roses done in petit point and are framed in brass. The clip backs are marked AUSTRIA. The perfume bottle pin is 2 ¼” long and the pin is 1 ¼” wide, but the bottle is only 5/8” wide. The petite point bottle has a brass filigree top with a little glass stopper. It has a sticker on the back says Made in Austria. It is very well done and in great condition.

Order Number: # setperpp Price: $85.00

ROSE Frosted Glass Perfume Bottle in Original Box

This frosted glass perfume bottle has a rose and leaves on a black background, painted on front with gold leaf designs around the picture. The bottle measures 3 1/8" by 5/8" including the brass lid. The bottle has a frosted glass stopper inside with an extra clear glass stopper in the box. The box is original, with Rose marked on top and Made in Germany on the bottom. It's in great shape! A wonderful little collector bottle! But sorry no perfume inside.

Order Number: # perRose Price: $65.00

Germany Lead Crystal Large Perfume

This perfume is 6 ½” tall and 4 ¼” wide by 2 1/8”. The top is a very light green glass while the bottom is clear glass. It has a sticker on the front that says Genuine Lead Crystal (over 24% PbO) Made in Germany. It weighs 1 lb 2 oz. It is in great condition, with no chips or cracks. The perfume top is 3 ¾” tall.

Order Number: # pergG Price: 60.00

Murano Italy Grey Glass Perfume Bottle

This blackish grey glass perfume bottle has a sticker which reads V Nason & C Murano Italy. It stands 7” tall and is2 ½” in diameter. There are no chips or cracks and is in great condition. It could be for cologne either for men or women!

Order Number: # glbVN Price: $45.00

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