Art Nouveau & Victorian Jewelry (1837 to 1901)! Some Expensive, some not!!


Victorian S.T.C. Silver Buckle Bangle Bracelet

This silver bracelet is in good condition. It is 1” in width and 2” by 2 ¼” in diameter. (It’s an oval shape.) It has a faux buckle design on the top and a push V box clasp. It also has the letters STC in an oval and another mark that looks like R.J. (But the J is not definite! Hard to read!) It is probably from the 1880 and has a chased design on the front, but plain on the back. It fits a 7” wrist or smaller. It is in good shape with a few “dimples” on the inside.

Order Number: # brSbuc Price: $ 325.00

Victorian Etched Silver Wide Bangle

This Victorian Bangle Bracelet is 1” wide. It measures 1 7/8” by 2 1/8” in diameter, from one side and the other, because it’s oval. The top has a swallow in a circle and flowers etched on the side. The clasp is a push V box. The side walls , on both edges, are a width of 1/8”. It is in good condition, with just a few little “Dimples” on the inside.

Order Number: # brrsbet Price: $ 175.00

9 ct Gold, Amethyst and Pearl Victorian Lacy Pin

This pin is beautiful! It measures 2 ¼” long and 5/8” wide. It has a lovey “wave” motion and looks very delicate. It is in very good condition.

Order Number: # pamysp Price: $195.00

Victorian Wire Rolled Gold Taille d’epergne Earrings

These earrings are wonderful! They measure 1” tall and 5/8” wide. There are no markings on them. They have Taille d’ epergne enamel and test as 12K gold, but look to be rolled gold, not solid.

Order Number: # ergenw Price: $185.00

Victorian Cross Over Bracelet with a Gold Bug

This is a wonderful Old Victorian bangle. This is what they called a cross over bracelet. It is mostly rolled Gold with parts of gold topping. The bug on top or spider is 10K gold ans are the tops of the moon and stars on the end. It has a push clasp and a safety chain. It measures 2 1/8” in diameter. So, It’s small. It fits a 5 ½” to maybe 6” wrist. It is in very good condition, and a wonderful example of the Victorian bracelets.

Order Number: # brVcrog Price: $ 455.00

10K Gold Blue Sapphires Twist Bangle

A very nice 10K gold bracelet with Sapphires surrounded by clear crystals on each end has a twist entry. It measures 2 ¼ in diameter and fits 6 ½” wrist! The ends are ½” in diameter. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # br10kbsre Price: $405.00

Baby or Cuff Champlevé Enameled Pin

This wonderful tiny baby or cuff pin has red champlevé enamel. It measures 7/8” long and only 1/8” wide. It has a thick “C” clasp. It looks like a rolled gold. It is in very good condition!

Order Number: # pbabye Price $20.00

Rolled Gold Chased Baby or Lingerie Pin

This tiny pin measures ¾” long and 1/8” wide. The top has a chased design. This is a great piece from the past!

Order Number: # prbaby Price: $15.00

Victorian 12K Gold Enameled Pencil

This mechanical pencil is stunning! It has a loop to attach to a chain or maybe it was part of a Chatelaine. It measures 2 ½” long when folded up and 4 ½” when pulled out. It’s about 3/8” in diameter. The main body has “taille d’epargne” black lines enameled and “Cloisonne” flowers. It tests as 12K gold, but it may be a rolled gold. (I haven’t filed it to check!) The end still has lead and it writes! It is in good condition, only with a touch of enamel off the flowers. What a wonderful piece of history and so decorative!

Order Number: # nkpenrG Price: $ 190.00

2 Brides Bracelets in 10K Rolled Gold

These 2 bracelets are wonderful! I’m calling them “Brides Bracelets” because they remind me of the ones from the late 1800’s, but they are probably from the early 1900’s. They have a flap clasp, where you slide one end into the flap and secure it with a top lever that slides sideways. They are, at the largest, 2 3/8” by 1 7/8” or 7” around oval and can go smaller. They have etching and embossed flower design on the top front and the back is plain. The inside of one has the initials RML and the other has RM. (That one has been repaired with a piece covering the L, check out the pictures. ) They are very light weight and so comfortable to wear! They test as 10K, but I believe they are Rolled Gold. These are wonderful old bracelet.

Order Number: # brSRML Price: $ 410.00

10K Gold Art Nouveau Dainty Lavaliere Necklace

This Lavaliere pendant is 1 3/8” long ¾” wide. The necklace has a 15 ½” chain, which looks to be the original. It has a jump ring closure. The Art Nouveau design has a natural pearl dangle and another pearl in the top. It also has a Persian cabochon in the middle. It is circa 1890 through the 20’s.

Order Number: # nkLtur10k Price: $225.00

Book Chain Early 1900’s Locket Necklace

This Locket has me puzzled! It looks very much like a Victorian locket from the 1800’s, but it looks newer when you examine the pearls & rhinestones and the metal is much too shiny. I believe it to be a revival piece. Probably done in the early 1900’s, it still is a fabulous necklace locket! The locket measures 1 7/8” by 5/8” and opens to show two picture sides with the clear pictures covers intact. The top of the locket has a faceted black glass piece with one miniscule chip (very small) and a row of rhinestones & pearls. To tell the truth, I’m not sure if they are real seed pearls or coated glass. No chipping is evident. The height of the locket is ¾”. The book chain is very decorative and is 18” around and is brass. It has a box fold over clasp. The bale is another inch for a 3”drop from the chain (That’s the locket and the bale). The back of the locket is etched with wonderful flowery designs.

Order Number: # nklockfprs Price: $245.00

12K Rolled Gold Small Lion Bangle

This bracelet is really cool! It is thin, 1/8” in width in the shank, but the Lion is 2/3” by 5/8” . It has no marking but tests as 12K gold. The eyes are small red stones, probably garnets. They look original to the bracelet, but the mouth stone looks to have been replaced. It is a red rhinestone, tests as glass! The bracelet has a small dent inside towards the back, as shown in the picture. It measures 2 ½ diameter one way and 2” the other way . It is an oval shape. It is circa 1890 through 1910. This is a wonderful collector piece and easily worn!

Order Number: # brRGlion Price: $190.00

Victorian Sterling Heart Pin

This pin is shaped in a heart with beaded edges and an etched flower designs. It is hallmarked inside with an. anchor (Birmingham), Lion Passant (Sterling), looks like an D, which would be 1878-79. It has a tube hinged, a “c” clasp and an extended pin stem. It measures 7/8” by 7/8”. It’s a beautiful little heart.

Order Number: # pVShe Price: $ 125.00

English Octagonal Silver Etched Bead-Edge Pin

This pin is probably dated late 1890’s. It has an octagonal shaped with beaded edges and an etched flower designs. It measures 1 ¼” in diameter. It has an older safety chain, a tube hinged, a “c” clasp and an extended pin stem. The back has an opening for a picture or a hair compartment. The glass piece or celluloid piece (whatever was there) is gone. It’s a beautiful little piece..

Order Number: # plocE Price: $ 75.00

14 K Gold Hand Painted Victorian Lady on Porcelain Pin

This wonderful 14K twisted framed pin is beautiful. The pin is hand painted and was purchased from a shop that said “This is from the DeVry family, it was the grandmothers.” (Yes, DeVry University!) I measures 1 ½” by 1” and has the “Rabbit ears” safety clasp. The detail is wonderful.

Order Number: # p14Kpa Price: $295.00

Small Victorian 10K Gold & Pearls Lace Pin

This pin is just precious! It is only 1 1/8” by ½”. It is 10K gold with seed pearls and one fresh water pearl. It has a C clasp and is marked 10K. It is marked G in a horizontal diamond shape. This is J. A. & S. W. Granbery Co. (1896-1904) Later called Cutler & Granbery (1904-1922). Lace pins were worn scattered on the lacy collars from early Victorian to late Victorian. This is probably 1890 to 1900. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # pVpfl Price: $225.00

Rolled Gold “V” Victorian Cameo Pin

This lovely pin measures 2 ½” tall by 1 /2” wide. It is rolled gold with a crest at the bottom of the V and an oval cameo in the middle. The oval cameo is angel skin coral carved. The relief is pretty good.

Order Number: # prgCams Price: $ 85.00

German Brass Lorgnette (Fold-up eyeglasses)

This little optical piece is called a Lornette and is for reading. They cira date from 1890 to about 1910. The glass is magnified. It is brass and marked Germany. It flips out to show off two lenses. It measures 4" tall and the glass lenses are 1 ½" in diameter. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # glGlor Price: $75.00

Victorian Sterling Three Dangling Hearts Pin

This Sterling bar type pin has 3 Sterling hearts dangling from the base. Each heart is marked Sterling, but the base is not marked. It measures 1 ¾” long and 1 ½” wide. Each heart is hollow and each is embossed with different designs. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # p3hert Price: $ 55.00

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