Here we have items that just wouldn't go into the other Catagories!! Please, may fing something you can't live without!!


Italian Macro-mosaic Double Picture Frame

This wonderful little double frame is done with macro-mosaic around the edges. It is hinges in the middle. It measures 4” by 2 Ύ” and made in brass. It has little balls on the bottom. It is in fair condition, with a few places that have the little chips are off. You can see it in the pictures!

Order Number: # fmmd Price: $ 65.00 as is

Little Celluloid Jug Ring Box

This cute little ring box is in the shape of a little jug. It is 1 7/8” by 1 Ύ” wide with the handle. The top lifts off and a turquoise velvet pad is inside. The cork in the top has broken off, I think it was higher. It is made of celluloid and marked inside “ Frank Holt & Co. Jeweler, Newark, NJ.” It is in good condition.

Order Number: # rbjug Price: SOLD

Gold Tone Yellow Beveled Jewel Casket

This little oval yellow glass jewel casket is 2” tall. The oval top is diameter 2 Ό” by 1 Ύ”. It flips open and has a beveled glass top. The inside used to have fabric, but it’s gone now! It is in good condition.

Order Number: # mjbjy Price: $ 95.00

1938 City Champs Gold Filled Baseball Charm

This baseball charm is 1/20 of 10k gold filled. It says 1938 City Champs, but I have no idea what city! It is ½” in diameter. Amazing, it’s 76 years old! It is in good condition.

Order Number: # ch10kbb2 Price: $ 50.00

Silver Repousse Jar Tea Caddy / Hallmarks

A silver, I think plated, Tea Caddie or Coin Jar. It has Hallmarks, but I'm not familiar with these. A Star , Fleur De Lis, and the middle one, which looks like a horses head! The other marks seem to be initials. (Shown in the pictures) The tea caddie stands 3 Ύ" high and is oval in shape, with the dimensions of 3" by 2 1/8". The pictures around it are repousse of a village type scene.( Similar to the scenes on the Denmark "Village Cracker Barrel" silver) I have no idea the age of this item. All the others are in great condition!

Order Number: # teac Price:$ 135.00

Solid Glass Mouse Paper Weight

This mouse is 3 ½” long, 2” wide and 2” tall. It looks like it is in very good condition, but looking with a loop there is a small chip on one ear! You can feel it with a finger rubbed over it. It has some tiny air bubble in the glass. It weighs 9.4 oz.

Order Number: # glmouse Price: $25.00

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