Victorian Jet, Vulcanite, Bog Oak, Peitra Dura and (Mourning) Hair Jewelry

Tortoiseshell Moon and Flower Pin

This material is the shell of the hawksbill turtle, which is now an endangered species. This pin measures 1 5/8 ” by 1 1/2. It has a C clasp with a pin stem that goes beyond the pin. It made of tortoiseshell and brass findings.

Order Number: # pTS1880 Price: $95.00

Pietra Dura Sterling Ring

This ring is Pietra Dura, black slate with inset stones of malachite, agates, chalcedony, and feldspar. The setting, the top of the ring measures ¾” by ½”. The size is 7. It is a plain setting in sterling. It is really in great shape.

Order Number: # rpetdr Price: $110.00

Victorian Vulcanite Hand with Finger Pointed Pin

This pin is 1 ¾” long and 5/8” in width. It has a heat set pin back with a “C” clasp. It is made of Vulcanite, that’s like a hardened Rubber. Vulcanite was used in mourning jewelry in the Victorian Era. The “Hand” motif was popular through the 19th Century for Friendship. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # pVhand Price: $145.00

Vulcanite Carved Pin

Vulcanite hand carved pin is a dark black-brown.This pin has a repeated design on top of a eye shaped pin made of Vulcanite (a hard Rubber). It measures 1 ¾” wide by 1 1/8” wide. It has a C clasp with a long pin stem with a tube hinge. It’s in great condition

Order Number: # pVol Price: $109.00

Late Victorian Black Enameled Flower & Moon Mourning Pin

> This pin is 7/8” in diameter. The crested moon has a flower in the middle and a small pearl. It has a “C” clasp. The mark inside looks like a 3 dimensional suit case or box with top and one can be seen in the American Jewelry Manufacturers Book by Rainwater. The company is Waite, Thresher, & Company from Providence, Rhode Island.

Order Number: # phmbkp Price: SOLD

Hair Picture Oval Mourning Brooch

This oval brooch has a picture made of pieces of hair and paint. It looks like it’s on a white frosted glass background. The glass on the top is beveled and the frame is an embossed rolled gold. It has a tubular hinge and a “C” clasp. The pin stem sticks out beyond the pin. It measures 1 5/8” by 1 3/8”. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # pHapic Price $220.00

Victorian Mourning Hair “Prince of Wales” Brooch

This mourning pin is just great; I just wish I knew the providence behind it! It measures 2” by 1 ¾” and the pin stem sticks out from behind the brooch. The 3 curls with the pearls at the base are called “Prince of Wales” design. They seem to be sitting on a milk glass background, which was very popular in the 1860’s to 1880’s. The brooch has the “C” clasp and is done in gilded brass. It’s in very good condition for the age of the brooch. The beveled glass top has some scratches and cuts which are visible at close inspection, yet it’s a great example of mourning jewelry.

Order Number: # p3plum Price: $ 280.00 (Firm)

Victorian Real Jet Carved Bar Pin

This bar pin measures 1 ½” by 3/8”. It is real jet with a C clasp and a tube hinge. The top has diagonal carved lines and the ends have a crisscross pattern. It is a wonderful example of the jet jewelry worn in the 1800’s.

Order Number: # pJetbar Price: 95.00

800 Silver Frame Pietra Dura Flower Pin

This beautiful pin is set in black slate, with malachite, agates, chalcedony, and feldspar. It is set in an oval silver frame marked 800. It has a gold small twisted rope around the frame. It measures 1 5/16” by 1 1/8”. It is in good condition, with only one flaw in one leaf. It’s cracked as you can see in the pictures. This doesn’t detract from it’s beauty and can barely be seen.

Order Number: # pPDfl Price: $190.00

Silver Chain Link Frame Pietra Dura Flower Pin

This beautiful oval Pietra Durar (Hardstone) has flowers with moss agate leaves. The oval pin measures 1 1/8” by 1 3/8” and has 800 marked on the frame. This not only is a pin, but it has a ring for wearing as a pendant. The frame has a larger twisted rope-type chain, with a smaller twisted chain around it also. When looking through a loop it does have one tiny, tiny chip! But other than that, it is in wonderful condition.

Order Number: # pPDfl2 Price: $195.00

800 Silver Pietra Dura White Flower Pin

A lovely larger Pietra Dura flower has chalcedony and agate. The silver frame is marked 800. It measures 1 5/8” by 1 ¼” wide. It has a lovely white rose and a rose bud with moss agate leaves. It is in wonderful condition.

Order Number: # pPDura Price: $ 210.00

Victorian Love Knot Mourning Hair Pendant

This is a wonderful pendant has woven hair inside a gold Victorian love knot. The gold tests as 12 K . It measures 1 ½” long, from the hanging ball to the loop for a necklace chain. A picture of on can be seen in Hairwork Jewelry by Jeanenne Bell, on page 149. In looking closely at the picture and then this one; I think the loop on top is a replacement!

Order Number: # nkVhairp Price: $325.00

Brass and Enamel 3 Four Leaf Clover Mounring Pin

This delightful little pin has 3 four leaf clovers with black enamel leaves. The center of each clover has a clear, chaton-cut rhinestone. It has a "C" clasp on the back. It measures 1 ½" by ½" and is most likely a mourning pin circa early 1900s.

Order Number: # p3fbk Price: $65.00

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