Just unique little items that are jeweled! How about a jeweled Stapler or Clock!


Painted Porcelain 4 Picture Fold-Up Frame

The little square box folds out with 4 frames. It measures 1 ¼” square and has a depth of ¾”. It folds out to a length of 5”. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # pic4fe Price: $30.00

Korean Lucite and Metal Decorated Make-Up Brush

This make up brush is really different! It is 7 ½" long 5/8" in diameter by1" wide at the brush's metal handle. It is marked KOREA! The Faux pearl cabochon is set in a decorative metal piece on top of the brush. I just thought it was unique! It is in good condition!

Order Number: # mubKLh Price: $57.00

Wiesner of Miami Lipstick Faux Pearl Case

This lipstick case is by Wiesner of Miami. It is one of the “Trickettes”. It measures 2 ½” tall and ¾” in diameter. The faux pearls and rhinestones on the case are in great shape. The lipstick is bright red. It comes in a the original box. It is in wonderful condition.

Order Number: # lipWfp Price: $55.00

Gold Tone Bird Pill Holder

This little bird is functional! He has a tiny pair of tongs inside. He can hold pills or Sacrin tablets. He's from the 60's. The bird measures 3" wide by 1 ¾" tall. He has green rhinestones eyes.

Order Number: # pbxbird Price: SOLD

Little Rhinestone Pill Box

This pill box is topped with large square and rectangular rhinestones all prong set. It measures 1 ½" square. It has a paper liner inside. The box made of gold tone metal. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # pill6 Price: $45.00

Germany Filigree Dresser Box Purple Satin Stones

This filigree gold tone dresser or jeweled box has purple satin glass cabochons. The bottom has dark blue satin cloth. It is 1 ¼” in diameter with 3 little legs on the bottom. It also has a sticker on the bottom marked Made in Germany. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # boxpf Price: $48.00

Rhinestone Lucite Fold-Up Magnified Glasses with Case

These glasses are light pearlized blue with rhinestones, and fold up into a gold little case. They are magnified glasses probably for reading. They measure 3" all folded up. They are from the 50's and are in excellent condition.

Order Number: # foldg Price: $75.00

Unicorn Silver Tone Ring Holder

This is a unicorn head on a small plate that measures 3” in diameter. It stands 3” tall and polishes like silver, but has no marks. It’s probably plated. This is a pretty little ring holder for the ladies dresser!

Order Number: # rthorse Price: $32.00

Ring Holder Antiqued White with Cupid on Top

This unique ring holder could be a unmarked Florenza, I’ll try and find out! It measures 4 ½” tall with a base of 1 ½” in diameter. A cute little cupid with his bow is sitting on top. The pole has r hooks for rings & things.

Order Number: # rtcupid Price: $60.00

S. F. 6 Piece Jeweled Vanity Set These pieces are from the 60's and are gold tone with molded green plastic stones and Aurora Borealis coated cabochons. The set consists of a little Kleenex box, a lipstick holder, a slip top for hair spray, an oval dresser tray,a floding comb and a footed glass (perfume) tray. All the pieces are in great condition, but the glass-footed tray has one small crack coming from the middle out about one inch. (So, It’s the only piece with a flaw!) This set is marked S.F. and I was told this is the Sam Fink Company, who made ladies boudoir accessories in the 60’s. They tried to imitate the Florenza Company. If anyone knows this is incorrect information, please let me know and I’ll correct it! This set with all 6 pieces is hard to find, but very nostalgic for those of us who were growing up in the 60's! There is a powder box in the first picture, but it's not availible anymore!

Order Number: # mj5pSF Price: $175.00

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