Victorian Honeymoon & Enamel Jewelry

Victorian 10K Pearl & Ruby Honeymoon Pin

A real ruby and pearl decorate this beautiful little Victorian Honeymoon Pin. It measures 1 1/8” by 1 /2”. The moon pin is 10K . It has a C clasp and no markings. In looking at it with the loop, It may have had enamel at one time and been cleaned off. (But, I’m not sure!) It is in great shape the way it is!

Order Number: # pHMprub Price: $185.00

Victorian 10K Fresh Water Pearl Honeymoon Pin

A little fresh water pearl in the middle of a small flower decorates this pin. An art nouveau design with a large flower and leaves on the inside of a moon describes this pin. It is 10K gold and measures 1” by ½”. It has the C clasp with the G in a diamond shape indicating that Granbery Co. out of Newark, NJ made it! (1896-1922)

Order Number: # phmgp Price: $140.00

Victorian 10K Newark, NJ Enamel Flowers Bar Pin

This bar pin has 4 enamel flowers and a swirled design on the bar pin. Just by the looks of the enamel, I’d say these were made in Newark, NJ. The pin measures 1 ¾” wide by 5/8”. The clasp is a latched C. There are no markings on this pin, but testes as 10K. The flower has some of the enamel off as does the small flowers, but it looks great anyway.

Order Number: # pNeflowb Price: $180.00

Victorian 14K Gold & Opals Honeymoon Pin

A beautiful real opals and 14K gold honeymoon pin measures 1” in diameter. The safety clasp has the two “Rabbit ears” and it has 14K marked on the back. This is a treasure!

Order Number: # p14Kopal Price: $320.00

Late Victorian Enameled 14K Honeymoon Pin

This pin is marked 14K and has a beautiful peach iridescent shade of color on the flower. It has a small diamond prong set. It measures 1 ½” by ½ .It is a beautiful example of enamel work, with tiny green leaves. It has a latch clasp. It was probably made in Newark, NJ, which was known to have produced wonderful enamels at the end of the 1800’s. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # pVhmD Price: $205.00

Kremetz 14K Flower Enameled Moon Pin

This is a beautiful little (Tiny) Late Victorian pin. It measures 1 1/16” by 1/8”. T has a “C” clasp which is marked 14K and has the Kremetz Jewelry mark. The tiny flowers are enameled light turquoise blue. When looking through a loop it looks like 2 or 3 dots of enamel have come off and someone loved it enough to dot it with color. (I believe, because it doesn’t look like the great enamel work of the rest of the flowers!) And it does have a small dig on the back, but other than that it is in great condition. It just a wonderful little pin in gold.

Order Number: # pK14K Price: $100.00

Victorian 10K Gold Honeymoon pin with Enameled For-get-me-nots

This little honeymoon moon pin is delightful. It has 3 enameled light turquoise blue For-get-me-knot flowers and one small fresh water pearl attached by gold wires. The moon pin is marked 10K gold and has a S in a heart. (I can’t find the company.) It also has the old latch type C clasp. It measures 1 ¾” by ½”. Pins like these can be seen on page 36 of Antique Enameled Jewelry by Nichols & Allison. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # pmoonft Price: $125.00

Newark Victorian 14K Honeymoon Enameled Pin

This is a lovely, 3 enameled “For-get-me-knot flower”, pin. It has the latch C clasp closure and is marked K14R. It is 14K gold and made in Newark, NJ. by Kollmar, Rauch & Company ( 1909-1922) In this time period most enamel jewelry was done in Newark, NJ. The tiny flowers have pearls in the center. It measured 1” by ½”. Pins like these can be seen on page 36 of Antique Enameled Jewelry by Nichols & Allison. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # pmoonft2 Price: $195.00

14K Gold, Sapphires & Pearls Moon Pin

This pin is 1 ¼” in diameter and has the latch type C catch. The catch is marked 14K. The sapphires are all prong set and have a beautiful light blue color. The pearls are round and graduated to the middle of the moon. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # p14KHM Price: $285.00

Sterling Denmark 3 Flower Enamel Pin

This yellow enameled pin measures 1 ½" long by ½" wide. It is marked Sterling and Denmark on the back. The enamel is yellow on the outside of the flowers and black on the inside. It is a very delicate style bar pin.,

Order Number: # pSD3f Price: $70.00

Small 10K Gold with Seed Pearls Moon Pin

This small moon pin is set with real seed pearls. It is 10K gold and 7/8” by ½”. It is a great reminder that the small delicate pins were loved and worn in the Victorian Era. It is in great condition!

Order Number: # pHMsp Price: $155.00

Victorian Enameled Cloverleaves Honeymoon Pin

This delicate little pin measures 1” by ¼”. It has enamel on two cloverleaves. Looking with a loop, one leaf has some damage, but does not detract from the look of the pin. The centers of the cloverleaves look like tiny glass pieces. The pin has a C clasp. I believe it is brass with gold gilding. This pin is really precious.

Order Number: # pHm2fe Price: $95.00

Enameled Four Leaf Clover Pin

This four leaf clover is enameled, with a tiny faux pearl in the middle. The metal is brass and the clasp is a “c” clasp. It measures 1” square. It is in great condition!

Order Number: # psham Price: SOLD

Mother of Pearl Enameled Flower Honeymoon Pin

This pin is brass gilded gold with a Mother of Pearl moon shape that is wired to each other. The 3 flowers are stylized “For-get-me-knots”. (2 in Blue & 1 in Pink) The centers of the flowers are prong set green, red, and amber rhinestones. It measures 1” in diameter and it’s has a C clamp closer. This is in wonderful condition.

Order Number: # pHMMop Price: $60.00

10K Victorian Enamel “For-get-me-knot” Flower Honeymoon Pin

This honeymoon pin tested 10K, but is not marked. It has a C clasp. It measures 7/8” in diameter. The small enamel flower is light blue with a seed pearl in the middle. Pins like these can be seen on page 36 of Antique Enameled Jewelry by Nichols & Allison. This is in wonderful condition

Order Number: # pHMbrg Price: $160.00

Victorian 14K Gold Enamel Honeymoon Pin

This is marked 14K and a circle with a flower like figure. It measures 7/8”” in diameter and has a C clasp. The peach color enamel on the flower is in great shape . The green enamel on the leaves has some missing when you look under a loop. The moon has a flower and a wishbone. The two pearls are real. This was probably made in Newark, NJ. This is in wonderful condition.

Order Number: # p14Ke2p Price: $355.00

Victorian 14K Gold, Pearls and Ruby Honeymoon Pin

This pin is just precious! It is only 1” in diameter. It is 14K gold with seed pearls and one real ruby. It has a latch C clasp. The moon and the star has many seed pearls and is a delightful pin or pendant. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # p14krp Price: $305.00

10K Gold and Pearls Victorian Honey Moon Pin

This beautiful little moon pin has a flower in the center. The metal is 10K gold with real tiny seed pearls. The flower looks like a maple leaf , according to Antique Enameled Jewelry by Nicholls and Allison on page 173; the maple leaf means beauty, elegance, and reserve. This is what is called a honey moon pin. It measures 2 cm in diameter. It is in wonderful shape. It is a real beauty!

Order Number: # phmml Price: SOLD

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