Nothing quite as nice as watching your garden grow with BEAUTIFUL flowers!! Would you like to pick some? GO AHEAD!


Red Cabochons & Red Enameled Unsigned Coro Flower Pin

This Pin has 6 red glass cabochons in the middle of each bud. It is set in silver tone and measures 3 1/2" tall and 2 " wide This is made of pot metal and the cabochons are open backed set! The leaves are painted enameled red! Pave set rhinestones decorated the bow and the buds. It can be researched to a patent held in G. Verreachie 's name for Coro 1941. Nice older pin in good condition.

Order Number: # predef Price: $60.00

Large Gold Tone Amber Rhinestone Flower Pin

This large flower pin is 5 1/8 tall and 2 wide. It is pot metal with a gold tone wash. Its very hefty weighing in at 65 grams. The back looks very much like an unsigned Trifari that I have. (A Poured glass flower) It is really well done flower.

Order Number: # pvlafl Price: SOLD

Pot Metal Thistle Pin with Secret Locket

This pin is quite unique! It has a locket for the center of the thistle. It measures 4 tall by 3 wide. It has gold tone over pot metal and some of the gold tone has washed off. The pin also has green rhinestones and clear diamantes pave set. It has the printed Pat. Pend. on the back in a square. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # pthisloc Price: $85.00

Rhinestone Flower Watch Brooch

This flower is also a watch. It is set in a silver tone with clear chaton cut and baguettes. It measures 2 1/4" wide and 2" tall. The red rhinestones in the flowers are pear shaped & round cut. The watch is maked SOLOW on the face and yes it works!

Order Number: # pwatch Price: $98.00

Large Blue Carnations Enamel Flowers Pin

This beautiful pin is not signed, but it should be! It measures 3 tall by 2 wide. The enamel is in great condition!This is worthy of any wonderful Vintage flower Pin Collection!

Order Number: # pepmgfbf Price: SOLD

4 Flowers Enamel and Rhinestone Pin

This pin seems to be from the late 30s or early 40s . Its set in pot meat with a silver tone coating. It measures 3 tall by 2 wide. The enamel around the edges of the leaves is a bit worn off, but other that that it seems in pretty good condition. I love the pastel colors of enamel and the rhinestones in the center of each flower.

Order Number: # p4fen Price: $95.00

1940 Orchid Enameled Flower Pin

This pin is set in a gold tone metal. It is an enameled flower , that looks like a orchid. The center has clear rhinestones. And it has white, blue & green enamel on it. It measures 3 1/8 by 1 5/8. This reminds me of an unsigned Coro, but I havent found it yet signed! It is in very good condition.

Order Number: # peorq Price SOLD

Clear Diamantes & Pink Enamel Tulip Pin

This Flurry of Tulips is captured forever in gold tone pot metal. The pin measures 3 tall by 2 wide. The two tone pink enamel on the tulips is in great condition as is the green enamel on the leaves. The stamens are full of clear chatons and the leaves are pave set diamantes. This is a wonderful example of the pins of the 30s.

Order Number: # pptulips Price: $79.00

Gold Tone Pot Metal Pink Triangle Glass Flower Pin

This flower pin is very well constructed, but not signed. It measures 4" tall by 2 3/4". It has the older safety clasp. The pink unfoiled triangular shape of the glass stone is really quite special. And they look very pretty! A great pin for the avid flower collector!

Order Number: # ppinkf Price: $57.00

1940s Large 1/20 of 12K Gold Retro Flower Pin

This lovely flower pin has a wonderful large kite shaped center glass stone and 2 chatons in light blue. It is marked on the back 1/20th of 12K and GB. (Im still trying to find this mark). The pin measures 4 tall by 2 wide. The blue Kite shaped stone has no chips and condition of the pin is very good.

Order Number: # pbkstone Price: $45.00

Red, White & Blue Enameled Flower Holder Pin

This pin is unique because it has a piece on the back that holds a flower! Put a real flower in the holder and pin it on, it's great! The pin is pot metal, paint enameled and has clear rhinestones for the center of each flower. It measures 3" by 2" wide. Some of the enamel has worn off on the edges, but it still is in good condition. This is definitely a conversation piece!!

Order Number: # pholdef Price: $79.00

Silver tone Turquoise Trembler 3 Flowers Pin

What a great old Trembler pin! This pin has 3 flowers with turquoise marquis cut rhinestones all set on little springs, so it jiggles as you walk! This is called a trembler and was very popular in the 30's. The flower is set in silver tone pot metal and has a safety clasp with the "over the top" bar! The leaves have pave set diamantes! It measures 3" by 2". It is in good condition.

Order Number: # pTRtuf Price: SOLD

Green Large Round Cut & Clear Pave Diamente Flower Pin

This lovely pin is pot metal with a gold tone wash and the middle stem is silver tone. All green faceted stones are prong set with open backs. It measures 4" wide and 1 " tall. It has an older safety clasp and is quite solid. Other tan the gold coating has come off the stem part it is in good condition.

Order Number: # pgrfp Price: $50.00

Clear Diamantes Flower Pin Set in silver tone (Rhodium), this flower is very well done! Large oval cut rhinestone in the middle is open backed and foiled. The flower measures 3" by 2", with pasted in clear rhinestones! The square cut rhinestones in the stem are exceptionally nice. Can be seen in the book, Rainbow of Rhinestone Jewelry by Russell and Fichtner. It is on page 126. It is in excellent condition.

Order Number: # prscf Price: $ 66.00

Sterling Pave Diamantes and Cut Blue Orchid Pin

This truly striking pin id marked Sterling on the back. It also has a script notation that looks like wode-lr for 291-63. It measures 4 by 3. The faceted blue glass stone is a 5 sided cut. The edges and the middle of the flower have pave set clear diamantes. Its in great condition. It is definitely high end costume jewelry! One of my Jewel friends said she had this signed Reinad, but this has no signature.

Order Number: # pbcutO Price: $305.00

Enameled Flower Pin that is a Watch

This delightful Pin measures 3 1/2" tall and 3" wide. It is made of pot metal with gold tone wash. It has painted enamel leaves & flower and a watch! When you pin it on your lapel you can look down and see the time. The face is put the way for you to read it when worn. The watch is marked Crawford with Swiss written on the bottom of the face! And it works!!!

Order Number: # pWCSfe Price: $190.00

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