Coro Duettes

Coro craft Aqua Feather Duette Set

Here is a Coro craft Duette with the earrings to match! The duette is composed of 2 fur clips that look like aqua colored curled feathers! This pin measures 1 5/8” by 1 ¾”. And the earrings measure 7/8” by ½”. They are spring clips. This set in in great condition and a very classy set!

Order Number: # setcftf Price $225.00

Coro Duette Flowers with Enameled Center Flowers & Leaves Pin.

This Duette is signed Coro in Script and Des Pat. Pend. It can be found in “Costume Jewelry 202” by Julia Carroll on page 75 in an Ad and on page 77. The design # 151364, and was Adolph Katz in 1948. They were advertised as Apple Blossom and sold for $5.50, can you believe it? They measure 2 3/4” by 1 ½” in the pin form. Each fur clip measures 2” by 1 ¼”. The enamel in the leaves has some worn off spots and the enamel around the center is barely noticeable, yet The piece looks great when worn!

Order Number: # cfCoref Price: $130.00

Coro Blue Cockatoo “Calopsitta” Duette

These rhodium plated metal fur clips are enameled. It measured 3 5/8” by 2 ¼”. The one bird is marked with the Pat. # 116490 on the back. The birds have blue enamel & rhinestones. This Duette is in great condition.

Order Number: # cfCparb Price: $255.00

Coro Craft Sterling Vermeil Green Flower Duette

This striking sterling silver with gold vermeil is marked Coro craft and Sterling on the clips. Green and clear rhinestones accent the tiny flowers in a ribbon wrapped bouquet of each fur clip. A duette is two fur clips that are made to fit together in a special pin back holder that combines into one pin. Separate them from the holder to have two fur clips or recombine to have one larger pin. The whole pin measures 3 1/8" by 1 5/8”. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # cfCogrd Price $ 210.00

2 Corocraft Sterling Sun Flower Fur Clips

These fur clips are both marked Corocraft Sterling. They were at one time a duette, but the pin mechanism is missing. They each measure 2 ½" tall and is 1 1/4" wide. The Sterling is gold washed (vermile). Each flower contains a large faceted oval amber open backed stone surrounded by pave clear diamantes.These are pictured in some books, but you can see them in "Fun Jewelry" by Schiffer (revised with updated values) on page 52. They were called the Sun Flowers! The green enamel on the leaves has some worn areas, but other than that, these pins are in great condition.

Order Number: # c2CCf Price: $220.00

CoroCraft Sterling Vermeil Duette Set with Earrings

This set is magnificent! Set in Sterling with a gold wash, (Vermeil) and that regal color of purple as the large square glass stone in the middle makes this set very attractive. They are fur clips and one is marked CoroCraft Sterling, with both findings marked sterling. The earrings are not marked; are clips backs and measure 1” by 5/8”. The Duette when assembled is 2” by 2 ¼”.Each fur clip measures 2 1/8” long by 1 1/8” wide. I found no Patent for this particular one, but I’d date it around 1940-to 1944, because of the use of Sterling. This set is in great condition and ready to be worn or placed in someone’s collection!

Order Number: # setCCpu Price: $425.00

Clear Diamante Flower Fur Clip Coro Duette

This pretty little pin is a pin or 2 fir clips, known as a Duette. The little flowers are 1 ¾” by 1” when the are used as a pin. Each individual flower fir clip is 1 ¼” by 1 1/8” and are set in silver tone metal. You can see this set in Marcia Brown’s book “ Coro Jewelry” on page 134. They are in great condition, with just a tiny bit of yellowing on some stones.

Order Number: # pfcCd Price: $135.00

Fur Clips Sterling Vermeil Coro Duette Horse Head Set & Earrings

This set is a great example of the fine work done in the 40’s by the Coro Company. It is sterling with a gold wash over it called Vermeil. The horse heads are actually 2 fur clips that are together with a finding that makes them a pin. The earrings are screw backs. This set can be seen in many books on costume jewelry. In the book, Coro Jewelry a Collectors Guide by Marcia Brown, pictures of this set are on page 138. She also says in her book that this particular set was great seller for the Coro Company. It is marked Sterling Coro Duette and Pat. No. 1798867. It is in good shape

Order Number: # setCorohd Price: $495.00

Coro “Lovebirds” 1948 Fur Clip Duette

This Duette was patented in 1948 by Adolph Katz, Coro’s top designer. The “Lovebirds” each measure 2” by 1” and are fur clips. They are set in Gold tone and are marked Coro Des Patented. The birds have green marquise cut rhinestones in the center.

Order Number: # cfCloveb Price: $ 120.00

Coro-Craft Sterling Vermeil “Heavenly Swallows” Duette Set /Earrings

This pin is marked Coro-Craft Sterling with the Pegasus horse. It measures 2 ½” by 1 1/2" and has clear rhinestones. The earrings are 1” by 1” and are screw back. There are two little green rhinestones eyes in each bird. This set was patented in 1944 by Adolph Katz. The birds are in great condition, both in the fur clips and the earrings. The frame has been repaired, but is in good condition.

Order Number: # setfcCob Price: $ 255.00

Coro “Harlequin” Gold tone Rhinestone Duette

It measures 2 ¼”” by 1 1/8” and is marked Coro on the back, with other markings that I can’t read. This clip is seen in an ad in 1948 for Forcast for Spring, Coro Originals, priced at $6.00. It is called “Harlequin”. The clips are fur clips and the mechanism frame is marked Coro Duette and a Pat. # 1798867. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # cfCOdgt Price: $90.00

Coro Green Leaf Duette Pin

This pin is a Duette by Coro. It is gold tone metal measuring 3” by 1 ¼”. It is a pin that comes apart to be 2 fur clips. It is 2 leaves with green baguettes and clear chatons. It is in great condition and a beautiful Duette.

Order Number: # cfgreenl Price: $235.00

Coro Silver Toned Dress Clip Swirl Duette

This is a beautiful pot metal swirl dress clip Duette by Coro. It measures 2 ¾” tall and 1 1/8”. wide. It has blue & clear rhinestones. It is probably one of the early 30’s Duette.

Order Number: # cdCOb Price: $135.00

Red & Clear Rhinestones Coro Deco Dress Duette

This deco style dress clip is rhodium plated metal, not pot metal as the 1930 Duettes were. So, these are probably 40’s deco revival. They measure 2 ½” by 1”. They have red & clear rhinestones and they are dress clips.

Order Number: # cdCredd Price: $135.00

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