1890 to 1920 Celluloid Combs

Amber Clear Celluloid Red Rhinestone Hair Comb

This is a fan motif celluloid hair comb with red rhinestones. It measures 5 Ό” tall by 4 7/8” wide. It has the flower designs in pierced work amber color over clear celluloid.

Order Number: # hcredC Price: $73.00

Black Celluloid Rhinestones Hair Comb

This celluloid comb measures 7 1/8” wide and 7”. It has the fan motif, pierced work, and black rhinestones. It has the flower and leaves pattern and is probably from the late 1800’s.

Order Number: # Hcombbl Price: $125.00

Amber Celluloid Amber & Black Rhinestone Hair Comb

This pierced work hair comb is transparent amber color celluloid. It measures 6 Ύ” tall by 3 Ό” wide. The rhinestones are amber color and black. It’s in great condition!

Order Number: # hcambk Price: $90.00

Black on Clear Celluloid Large Hair Comb

This celluloid comb is 5 5/8” wide and 7 Ύ” tall. It is a deco design with no rhinestones. It is black on clear celluloid.

Order Number: # ccellb Price: $95.00

Painted Pearls Celluloid Faux Tortoise Back Comb

This faux tortoise celluloid back comb has faux pearls and paint on the top. I believe it’s from the early 1900’s. It measures 4 1/8” wide and 3 1/8” tall. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # combcp Price: $67.00

Celluloid Clear Hair Comb Blue Rhinestones

This clear celluloid comb with blue rhinestones measures 6 Ό” tall and 3 ½” wide. It has an Art Nouveau style. It is in a good condition.

Order Number: # comCellb Price: $70.00

Red Over Clear Celluloid Red Rhinestone Hair Comb

This is a smaller celluloid Hair Comb. It is clear celluloid with red over it. It has red rhinestones and has a deco style. It measures 3 1/8” wide and 5 Ύ” tall.

Order Number: # combCelrsr Price: $55.00

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