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Max Factor Watch Look with Rhinestone Bow Compact

This old, but new, it has never been used! It looks like a watch, but is a compact with the original powder in it. The puff has the initials M F for Max Factor. It measures It is 2” in diameter. You could even use it as a necklace. It is in very good condition.

Order Number: # combowMF Price: $ 65.00

Estee Lauder Set of Elephant Compact and Solid Perfume

What a cute set! If you are into Elephants this set is for you! The compact measures 2” by 2” by 5/8” in depth and the perfume is ¾” by ¾”. The perfume has perfume in it , Beautiful,but the compact has nothing in it. It is even missing the powder puff, but it is still in great condition.

Order Number: # perELel Price: $ 175.00

Stratton England Green Wedgwood Compact

This is a very neat compact by the Stratton Company in England. And what better design, but a Greek Goddess driving a chariot, done in green Wedgwood. It has the puff and powder in it! It is in very good condition. A great collectors piece.

Order Number: # comStW Price: $ 128.00

Vintage Brass Gurelwork Ladies Coin Purse

This unique coin purse is from the 20's, It is made of brass and has Gurelwork (filigree) with faux pearls and a tassel. The chain is 13 1/2 " around and the coin purse is 2 1/4" long and 1 1/4". The tassel is 2". The inside coin holder has 2 holders. This is a wonderful jeweled piece of history!

Order Number: # coinpp Price: $100.00

Elgin American Domed Black Enamel Vanity Case

This vanity case is from the late 20’s or early 30’s. It has a domed, black encased enamel, lid with chased gold tone wreathing as the case. Both top and bottom are enameled. One side has a small fleck of enamel off, but otherwise it’s in great condition. It measures 2” in diameter and has a push button opener (Like a watch). The inside has the rouge, powder and puff, both have been used. Inside mirror is in good condition and it snaps closed crisply.

Order Number: # comEAbe Price: $90.00

Quinlan Deco Black & Red Enamel Compact

This compact has deco design using black & red enamel and the silver tone metal. It is marked Quinlan on the back and on the powder puff. There is a small chip on the corner of the enamel on front, you can see it in the picture. It also has a small dent, but other than that it’s in good condition. It measures 1 ½” square.

Order Number: # comGsqf Price: $53.00

Satin Skin Face Powder, 3 Boxes Three boxes of Satin Skin Face Powder ( two rich pink and one white) made by Albert F. Wood. All three boxes are original, with no punctures on paper lining inside. Small booklet copyrighted in 1922 ("the way to win a satin skin"), and comes with the three boxes of powder. Boxes measure 3 and ¼" by 2 and ½ ". Their condition is very good.

Order Number: # mjfpSS Price: $35.00 for all

Wiesner of Miami Jeweled Lipstick & Mirror

This lipstick has an attached mirror! It is one of the “Trickettes” by Wiesner of Miami. It has a little of the old red lipstick from the 50’s left in the tube. The mirror has plastic pearls and clear rhinestones with gold tone filigree metal. It measures 2” in diameter. It is fairly good condition! .

Order Number: # mjlsm Price: $49.00

All Clear Rhinestone Comb & Saks 5th Ave. Compact Set

This set has 2 pieces being sold togwther. The Comb, which is 4 1/8” long and 1” wide and the Compact, which is 2 7/8” by 2 ½”, each have clear rhinestones all over the top! They are both set in gold tone metal and no rhinestones are missing. The compact has the powder puff marked S. F. Co., “the crown”, and Fifth Avenue. The powder filter screen is also present and a little powder. It has a mirror in good condition and it closes crisply. The comb case opens nicely and hold a celluloid comb, which has some damage. It looks like it was left to close to a heater. Celluloid is known to melt, if not start on fire, if to close to heat or a flame! The comb could probably be replaced, if you wish! It is a unique set.

Order Number: # mjcombrs Price: $135.00

Richard Hudnut Triple Vanity Case

This compact is like a carry all because it has a lipstick tube, a place for powder and a place for rouge. It also has the mirror. It has pink enamel flowers and a gold tone cage with birds on the front. The compact is 3 1/8” by 2 3/8” by ½”. The lipstick reads “American Beauty Hudnut” and inside Dubarry made in the USA and Richard Hudnut New York Distributor Paris. It does have one scratch on the front, but other than that it’s in good condition.

Order Number: # comRHpd Price: $105.00

Elgin American Gold tone Rhinestone Compact

It's an Elgin American with the puff, no powder. It measures 3 1/8" in diameter and the mirror is not beveled. It does have some spots on it (light, but there) which are hazy. You can still see in the mirror. You have to close it gently (doesn't snap as it should), but does latch.! All in all it's is good condition, but not perfect. But the large rhinestones make it a definite show piece and not cheap! Click here for the inside pictures!

Order Number: # comlrs Price: $150.00

Vintage Enamel Clown Brass & Rouge Compact Enameled Deco clown figure on the top of a small round brass compact! It's 2" in diameter and has a mirror (half moon shape) and rouge compartment inside! No powder puff and the bottom of the inside is stained from probably a glue, I think! It possibly could be cleaned, but I haven't tried! The outside is in good condition! (Some scratches on the enamel, but no chips off!) Neat older piece!! Maybe it was for clown make-up, or stage make-up for stage performances in the 20's or 30's! Maybe???

Order Number: #comcl Price: $40.00

Girey Turquoise Confetti Compact with Military Wings This is an old compact, with the lipstick, rouge and powder puff. It measures 3 ¼" long and 1 ¾" wide. It is what they call a "camera type compact". It has the "shutter button" lid release with the framed beveled mirror. The lipstick is still present and it's RED! The little brass wings are a military symbol for U.S.N. pilot wings. I would circa date this late 30" early 40"s. It also comes with the orginal box.(not pictured)

Order Number: # comGiery Price: $150.00

Gold Confetti Lucite Compact

This compact has no markings, but I’d say it’s from the 50’s or 60’s. It has a beveled top rather than square. It is gold tone metal and closes nicely. The inside has a puff and powder residue. It has been used! It measures 2 3/8” by 2 ½” and has some “heft” to it! The back has scratches and one darker spot, but other than that it’s in good condition.

Order Number: # comLgc Price: $50.00

Silver Tone Ladies Finger Ring Compact Carry All

This compact is like a carry all because it has two lipstick tubes, a place for powder and a place for rough. It also has the mirror and behind it a place for storage…either cigarettes or a small comb and etc. It has an enamel pansy on the front with decorative designs and the initials C F on the very top. The finger ring is a size and the chain attached to it is 1 ¾" long. You can see all this in the pictures! The compact is 3 ¼" by 2 1/8". It has been used, but other than a little dent in the back, it is in good condition.

Order Number: # comcaim Price: $125.00

UNIQUE Blue Velvet & Gold Tone Vanity Case

This vanity case has both the rouge and powder with their puffs. Both puffs are marked Unique in script. The only reference I could find for this maker was in Mueller “Compacts and Carry-alls Vol. 1”. This circa dates, probably in the 30’s .The rouge has not been used, nor has the puff. The powder compartment only has traces of power left and the puff has been used. It measures 3 1/8” by 2 ¼. The top is blue velvet with filigree gold ornamentation. The bottom has initials engraved upon it. It comes in the original box, which has “Blue 505” marked on the bottom. It’s in great shape!

Order Number: # comVelm Price: $60.00

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