Highly Classey! Women are now keeping their business cards in old Cigarette cases! Cool!!! And....Tobacco related items are always fun to collect!


Early 1900’s 12K Gold over Brass Coin, Cash and Card Purse

This wonderful case has flowers and feathers etched designs on the front and a place to put initials in the center. It has a amethyst stone as the opening clasp. It is missing the chain, but that can be replaced. It measures 3 ½” by 2 ½” and the back is plain with a few scratches and two small dents. The inside has a mirror on the top of a compartment and inside an Ivorene writing slate. It has 2 coin holders and a clip for holding bills or cards. The inside is engine tuned to form small circle designs. This is an exceptional old coin holder, for that perfect gentile lady!

Order Number: # goldcoin Price: $425.00

1920 Sterling Coin Combination Case

This Coin Combination Case is Marked Sterling and M H. ( with the one side of the M being the beginning side of the H) It is the mark of Moore & Hofman Co. from Newark, NJ. They were makers of Sterling silver dresserware, vanity and cigarette cases from 1915 to 1940. It has fine lined engine- turning on lid with scrolled initials. The sides are beveled with etched designs. It measures 3 ½” by 2 3/8”, with a broad linked wrist chain that is 10” around. The inside has 3 coin holders , cigarette or card holder clip, and a mirror hinged compartment with a Ivorene writing slate on the reverse side. It also has engine- turning circles in gold tone on the inside. It does have some coin scratches on it and needs a good polish, but other than that it is in great condition.

Order Number: # ness Price: $275.00

Guilloche Enamel Small Cigarette Case

This case measures 3 1/8” by 1 ¾”. It has guilloche enamel with small pink roses and green leaves, with fine lines of engine- turning designs on the back. There is also black enamel decorative scroll work. The inside has the elastic piece on one side. It also has the markings 13 TAO (I think) 900 and 3 hallmarks ( I think). It is very hard to read. The clasp is in great working order and click closed with a crisp “click”. Under that piece are also two markings, that look like hallmarks. Please take a look at the pictures! I believe this case is English or made in England. It is in need of a good cleaning, but other than that it’s in good condition.

Order Number: # secigw Price: $ 320.00

Goody Small Celluloid Metal Cigarette Case

This cigarette case is signed Goody on the inside. It measures 3” by 2” by ½” thick. The case is metal with a Celluloid coating. It looks like pearlized crinkle paper! The corners have cracks and at the back you can tell it’s coated, but the top & bottom are in good shape.

Order Number: # scigGood Price: $35.00

Celluloid Pearlized Look Cigarette Case

This case is very different. It flips out and has 2 sides to holds cigarettes. It measures 1 7/8” by 4 ½”. It is in great condition!

Order Number: # cigCelmof Price: $85.00

1946 Scotty Dog Brass Match Case

The match case is 2” by 1 ½” and is from 1945. It has a 6 year calendar on the back dated 1946 to 1951. The front has a Scotty dog looking at a No Parking sign. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # sscotms Price: $75.00

Otis Elevator Advertising Match Cover

This match safe is a keepsake from Otis Elevators. It’s either from the 30’s or 40’s. On the front it says “ The World’s Word for Elevator Safety” around the circle and in the middle is OTIS in script. It is brass and measures 2 ¼” by 1 1/8”. On the end it says The J.E Mergott Co. Newark, NJ Pat Apl for.

Order Number: # sOtis Price: $60.00

Lady’s Gold Tone Filigree Jeweled Cigarette Case

This charming little cigarette case is a lady’s accessory. It was used when the cigarettes were hand rolled and small; when a lady had to smoke in her own boudoir or out in the garden. Smoking was taboo for ladies in public. It measures 3” by 2 ½” and has the inside hinged arm to hold the cigarettes. It has green colored rhinestones collet set (banded) and a center oval glass stone with the macro mosaic center. It closes with a clear crisp click. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # ciggof Price: $235.00

Old Brass Filigree & Stones Ladies Cigarette Case

This little baby can't hold today's size cigarettes, but it sure is neat! It's brass and glass era, 20's. It measures 3" by 2 1/4". It is probably from Austria. The case has embossed brass with an overlay of very decorative stamped brass with amber colored rhinestones! Notice the large one in the middle, it is in great shape. The smaller ones are darker, but still sparkle: the picture does not show this! This is a great cigarette case for any collection!

Order Number: # scigbfs Price: $ 205.00

Gold tone 50’s Flower Rhinestones & Faux Pearls Cigarette Box

This rectangular gold tone metal box measures 3 ½” by 1 ¾” by ¾”. The top little flowers with faux pearls and clear rhinestones all prong set. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # scigprs Price: $42.00

Mother of Pearl with Rhinestones Card Case

This card case is 3 ½” by 1 ¾”. It holds business or calling cards. It snaps crisplyclosed and is gold tone metal. The bottom shows regular wear from over the years. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # brcdcase Price: $45.00

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