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Set of 4 Dessert Plates by Rosanna

These plates are great! They come in their own box and have 4 different designs. Each plate has a different lady with a different fashion dress. Each plate has a different saying also. (La Mode, Ohh la la, Ca C’est Bon, and Tris chic. ) They all have the same background color (light butterscotch). The back of each plate is signed Rosanna , Made in China. These plates are 8” in diameter and in excellent shape. I have no idea of the age, but I’d bet they were done in the last 10 years!

Order Number: # plLaMode Price: $45.00

One Set (4) of Marshall Field’s Fashion Plates

This set of four 8” plates are from illustrations of Marshall Field’s covers for Fashions of the hour, published from 1914 -80 and sent to every credit card account holder. They come in their own box with corrugated cardboard in between each plate. Each plate has a different illustration and most are very deco. Two are from 1922 and two are from 1923. They are all marked on the bottom: 2002 Marshall Field’s, all Rights Reserved. Dishwasher safe, Made in China. These are in unused condition and wonderful shape, no nicks, scratches or cracks! What a great set!

Order Number: # chpMF Price: $55.00

Two Rocking Chairs & a Sofa (Molded) China? This set is really cute! The sofa is 5" wide by 1 ¾" by 3 ¼" tall! All pieces are red and gold painted and glazed! The larger rocker is 4 ¼" high and 2 ¼" wide. The smaller chair is 3 ¾" tall and 2 ¼" wide! No cracks or chips and the bottom of the chairs are marked TW. The bottom of the sofa is marked TW and (looks like (Atvanna Mold). But very hard to read! The set is very nicely done!

Order Number: # CH3set Price: $ 40.00/set

Miniature China Couch Made in Occupied Japan

This little couch is with china with raised pink & blue flowers and painted gold trim It also has painted green, Brown abs pink flowers on the seat. It is in good condition with only two spotd of small chips. One on a blue flower and one on the back ! You can see in the pictures. It measures 3 ¾” long 3” wide and 2 ¾” high. It is a wonderful little collectable piece.

Order Number: # cJcou Price: $43.00

German Portrait Plate with a Lady wearing lots of Jewelry

This plate has an eagle on a branch on the back with C. T. marks and Germany. It also has the #’s 20463 47. It measures 7 5/8” in diameter and has gold trim scalloped edges. The plate has 3 rows around the border, two of gold flowers and one of pink & blue roses and green leaves. The front has the letter in a perpendicular boxed pattern CSM. The lady is a transfer not hand painted and has a 1 1/4” scratch on the right side of her hair., that is the only flaw!

Order Number: # plGlady Price: 63.00

LS &S Carlsbad, Austria Jeweled Lady’s Portrait Plate

This plate measures 8 3/8” in diameter and it’s got a beautiful lady with brown braided hair and jewels around her neck. She is holding a pink rose. The edges have gold trim and the background is a light cream color melting into a blue tone, with darker blue towards the rim. The picture is a transfer not hand painted. The back is marked LS & S, Carlsbad Austria and the marks 270 18.It is in great condition and really a lovely plate.

Order Number: # chplblady Price: $95.00

Monreau Signed Lady in a Gainsborough Hat Portrait Plate

This plate is 9” in diameter and has the gold edge! The picture is a young lady with hoop earrings a a big blue “Gainsborough Hat” on her head. She is wearing a jacket edged with fur and has blue eyes! It is signed Monreau in script at the bottom. The back has no marks at all on the plate. It is a transfer not hand painted and is probably on the newer side. Possibly done in the last 20 years! But she’s a beauty, with no flaws!

Order Number: # chplpo Price: $65.00

2 Porcelain Hand Painted Egg Pin Dishes

These precious eggs are both 2 ¼” long by 1 ½” wide and 1 5/8” tall! They have hand painted flowers on the top and gold painted around the bottom half of the top part. They both have stickers on the bottom that says Made in Japan. I know these were purchased in about 1975. So, you can circa date them to the 70’s.

Order Number: #2eggpp Price: $55.00

Limoges France Porcelain Little Plate

This little plate is really nice. No chips cracks or scrapes. It has a picture of two lovers with a basket of flowers in the woods. The plate is edged with gold trim. It is signed Limoges France on the back. It measures 4” in diameter. It has a gold tone metal holder on the back. It is really in great condition.

Order Number: # chLtyp Price: $35.00

Hand made in Austria Pin Dish

This pretty little pin dish has flat back rhinestones and hand painted flowers. It has a gold tone rim and is china. It measures 2 ¾" in diameter and is marked hand made in Austria.

Order Number: # cAusp Price: $48.00

1933 to 1945 Noritake China “Mystery” White Rose, Yellow Flowers Pattern- 91 Piece Set

This set is really beautiful. The pattern has a gold edge, leafy scroll band in grey & white against a shaded green background. Then it has a wide cream- light yellow band to light brown pen line, and a white center. The center has a white rose outlined in grey with small yellow flowers and grey leaves. It can be found in the book “Early Noritake” updated Values 2000, by Alden, on page 151. Click the small picture to see all the set. No chips, cracks or scrapes, accept where pointed out in description, all other pieces PERFECT!!!

12 Dinner Plates 10” in Diameter

12 Dessert Plates 7 5/8” in Diameter

12 Butter & Roll Plates 6 3/8” in Diameter

12 Small Vegetable Dishes 5 1/8” in Diameter

12 Large soup Bowls 8 1/8” in Diameter

12 Footed (LaSalle Type) Cups 3 ¾”in Diameter, 2 2/8” tall … 4 of them have small chips on the rims

12 Tea Cup Saucers 5 5/8” in Diameter…..1 has a chip on the rim

1 Serving Vegetable Bowl 10 3/8” long, it is oval

1 Gravy Boat with attached tray 9 1/2” long, it is oval

1 Serving Platter 11 6/8” long, it is oval

1 Large Serving Platter 16 ¼” long, it is oval

1 Covered Sugar Bowl with two handles 5 2/8” in diameter and 2 ½” tall…it does have a small chip on the rim.

1 Creamer 3” tall and 4 2/8” in diameter on the non-spout side

1 Large Covered Serving bowl with two handles 8 3/8” in diameter and 3” tall.

91 pieces!!!!!

I have some extra pictures if you like to see closer shots of individual pieces Click here!

Valued at $1923.00, as listed in the 2000 price guide, with charging $0 for any chipped pieces! We would like to sell the whole set for $900.00. Shipping costs would fall to the buyer and pricing would depend on the method of shipping. Pick up or delivery made be worked out , if you live in Michigan or Wisconsin! This IS an exceptional set!

Order Number: # setNchina Selling Price: $900.00

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