This Cameo and Portrait Pins page is Dedicated to Monica Fowler of Micanopy, Florida, who "KNOWS" her cameo's and doesn't mind sharing her Knowledge!


Cameo's of All Kinds and Portrait Pins!

Victorian Wire Cameo Rebecca at the Well Earrings

These earring are just beautiful! They measures 2” by 5/8”. They are shell and hand carved. This scene is called Rebecca at the Well. They have gold ear wires and gold leaves on the frames. They are in great condition.

Order Number: # eaVcam Price: $ 425.00

Large Hand Carved Cameo in a 14K Gold Frame

This Cameo is absolutely delightful. It measures 2 1/8” by 2 ¼”. It is all hand carved and probably made in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. It has an urn with flowers and birds encircling the flowers. It even has one bird getting nectar from a flower. If you look at the back it does have a few cracked lines, but none of them go all the way through. The relief is good. It is set in 14K gold and has a pin and a loop for making it into a necklace. It is really in great shape.

Order Number: # plCameobi Price: $890.00

Wonderful Flip Cameo Pin with a Fairy Dancing

This cameo is Mediterranean Conch Shell and hand carved on one side and a compartment on the other side. It can be worn either way, so it flips! It is set in a large twisted gold tone frame (probably rolled gold). The compartment in the back is not filled with anything, usually they have hair, from a loved one, or a picture. It measures 2 ½” by 2 1/8”. It is ¾” in height. It is from the late 1800’s or early1900’s. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # pfliped Price: $ 425.00

Burt Cassell 12K Gold Filled Cameo Shell Ring

This ring is probably from the 1950’s. It is marked Burt Cassell 12K GF. It is a size 5”. The top is ¾” by ½”. The cameo is carved shell. It is in great shape!

Order Number: # rBCgfe Price: $80.00

10K Gold Cameo Ring set with a Diamond

This 10 karat gold ring has a wonderful cameo lady with the necklace set with a diamond. It is a size 6 and marked 10 karat gold. It has another little mark that looks like it was a circle with a G in it, but hard to read. The lady has flowers in her hair and a straight nose, so I’m guessing it’s an older cameo early 1900 or late 1800’s.

Order Number: # r10kcamd2 Price: $290.00

Rolled Gold “V” Victorian Cameo Pin

This lovely pin measures 2 ½” tall by 1 /2” wide. It is rolled gold with a crest at the bottom of the V and an oval cameo in the middle. The oval cameo is angel skin coral carved. The relief is pretty good.

Order Number: # prgCams Price: $ 85.00

14K Large Cameo Lady with Children Brooch

This is a beautiful old cameo. It is 14K gold and has a lady with two children playing upon it. The one child looks mostly like a cherub without wings. The back is marked 14K gold on the clasp and it has a pendant ring on top of the cameo. It has been very well cared for with, about a medium relief, but very intricate. It has an old-fashioned lever clasp. When put to the light you can see a few striations in this cameo. But it does not detract from the beauty of it. I've done very detailed pictures of this cameo, so please take a look. It measures 2.25" by 2.875", so is on the large side! It’s a wonderful example of an older cameo pin!

Order Number: # p14Kcamme Price: $575.00

Large 800 Silver Cameo with Two Beautiful Ladies Faces Brooch

This lovely cameo features two ladies faces. It is set in 800 silver and has a rabbit ear clasp. It measures 2.625" by 2" wide. The ladies noses have a sharp upturn therefore this cameo is not very old. It could've been done in the last 20 years. The faces are very light white color and the background is almost a caramel color. The width of the frame at the widest part is 1/4 inch. This is absolutely beautiful cameo and stunning when worn.

Order Number: # p2lcamn Price: $475.00

Large Cameo Lady in 12K Gold Frame

This Cameo is breath-taking, besides being in excellent condition. One tiny crack at the bottom (which I showed in the picture) is the only defect. For the size and the carving of this cameo, that is really insignificant! This piece measures 2 ½” long and 2 1/8” wide. I believe this is a portrait of a Bacchante maiden, follower of Dionysus (Bacchus), god of wine and fertility, with grape leaves in her hair and on her shoulder. She has the straight Roman nose suggesting she is an older cameo, circa late 1800’s to early 1900’s. The carving is excellent and a tri-colored shell provides lovely contrast. The frame test as 12K gold, but there are no markings. She really is a beauty and very hard to find at this size and in this condition!

Order Number: # plcameoL Price: $650.00

Tiger Conch Shell Carved Village Scene Cameo

This is a great looking cameo pin. It measures 1 3/8” in diameter. It is marked 1/20 of 12K GF (Gold Filled) MARBRO on the inside of the frame. The shell is Tiger Conch and it is a carved village scene with mountains in the background. MARBRO, according to Rainwater’s book, American Jewelry Manufactures, is Marinelli Brothers, Providence , R I. 1931-1943. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # ptgcam Price: $ 165.00

Lava High Relief Cameo Pin

This high relief cameo pin is just beautiful. It measures 1 ¾” by 1 ½” wide. I believe it is made out of Lava stone. The frame has the twisted gold wire around the brass with gold washed frame. The leaves on the side are brass. The cameo has a “c” clasp. Would circa date it around 1890 to 1900.

Order Number: # pLavaca Price: $425.00

Large Old Flip Carved Cameo / Picture Brooch

This Cameo is fairly old and is called a flip cameo. It has a carved woman's shell face on one side and a picture of a lady on the other side. It can be worn on either side. It measures 2 ¾ in height by 2 1/4 in width. This cameo lady has the straighter nose and has an older hairdo, so she is probably from the 1800’s. The gold tone metal twisted frame is very appropriate for its age. I wish I knew more of the providence of this pin and who the picture of the older lady is on the other side, it would be nice. She is also wearing a cameo around her neck in the picture. It is certainly a wonderful collectable!

Order Number: # pccflip Price: $460.00

Celluloid & Bakelite Cameo Necklace on a Celluloid Chain

This necklace is really nice! It has a celluloid cameo in a cream color set in an apple juice Bakelite frame that is carved on the back. The chain is celluloid also. The pendant is 2” wide by 2 ¾”. The chain is 24” around with no clasp. The necklace is in great condition.

Order Number: # nkCcam Price: $175.00

Old Valy Painted Portrait of Mother Mary Silver Brooch

Set in 800 silver with a wire worked frame; I'd say this pin is Italian. It seems to be a painted picture of the head of the Virgin Mary. It's taken from Raphael's Madonna and Child with the Infant St John (Madonna of the Goldfinch). It measures 1 3/4" tall and 1 1/4" wide and has a safety clasp. (Circa 1900) The artist has signed VALY on the front of the portrait and 800 is marked on the frame.

Order Number: # ppm800 Price: $175.00

Shell Cameo Pin of Terpsichore playing a Lyre

This pin measures 1 ½” by 1 ¼” and is a shell cameo. The carving is of terpsichore, she is the Muse of the dance and of choral song. The relief on this cameo is pretty good. The frame is done in a twisted and looped sliver tone wire. It testes as 800, low grade silver. It is in good condition, with a tiny bit of the twisted wire off at the top. This is a cameo that is harder to find than most and a very pretty cameo.

Order Number: # pScamel Price: $195.00

Bakelite Cameo with Metal Frame This cameo is black bakelite with a gold tone fancy frame! I think it's brass, but I'm not sure! It measures 2 1/2" by 2" .The pin is in good condition, with the exception of a few tiny scratches on the bakelite face. It has a safety clasp!

Order Number: #pBgtcam Price: $62.00

Shell Cameo Set in Silver Necklace & Earrings

This necklace has a dainty silver box link chain adorned with three lovely carved shell cameos. The carvings look like a woman or angel sitting on a bench holding up a ball. The center cameo has twisted brass cording around the silver bezel and measures 7/8" long and 6/8" wide and the other two cameos are 5/8" by ½". This necklace has no marks. The earrings measure 6/8" by 5/8", are screw backs and are marked 800. The earrings are the same shell coloring, but seem to have a different carving. These look like an angel sitting on a bench holding a harp! The circa dating on these would probably be 30's or early 40's. Although, I purchased these as a set, I believe they are a great marriage, but not a demi-parure. I'm still going to sell them as a set!

Order Number: # setCameo Price: $215.00

Shell Cameo with Lady and Dog

This cameo is 2" by 1 ¾" wide. The frame is twisted brass with gold wash and the pin has a brass backing. It has the older "C" clasp.The lady in the picture looks likes she's going to feed the dog. It is done very well and beautifully detailed.

Order Number: # pCawdog Price: $205.00

Angelskin Coral Cameo Brooch

This angelskin (light white to pink blush) Coral is wonderfully carved and set in a gold wash over brass. The pin measures 1 1/4" long by 1" wide. The frame has the twisted brass cord around the lower part of the oval bezel. The "C" clasp is present with a rectangular 3 dimensional box marked on it. I haven't been able to identify this mark! This would probably be dated 1890's to 1900.

Order Number: # pCampc Price: $110.00

Victorian Cameo Watch Pin

This watch pin is a classic design with a sardonyx (banded agate) Cameo. It has the style of the Edwardian pieces. The frame consists of a gold wash over brass with a tiny twisted brass rope around the oval of the cameo. The pin has a tubular hinge with a safety clasp and protrudes beyond the front of the cameo. The back of the pin has a hook for a watch and the initials C. M. C. in script. The cameo pin measures 1 1/4" tall by 1" wide. It is in very good condition.

Order Number: # pCamsar Price: $103.00

Hematite Cameo and Beads Set

What a pretty set! Hematite Cameo's, gray pearlized with a crown like, decorative trim in gold tone with Hematite beads.The necklace is unique. It has a Hematite Cameo, gold tone decorative trim that has places where the necklace clips into it. So you can use it as a pin or a necklace. The Hematite beads necklace is in two strands measuring 22" with clips on each end. Clip earrings with a Hematite Cameo measure 1" x ¾" with, gold tone decorative edge. This set is just too chic!

Order Number: # sethemco Price: $89.00

Angel Skin Coral Carved Cameo Pin

This is a beautiful Cameo pin. It's carved Angel Skin Coral, which is a light pink creamy color. It measures 2” by 1 6/8” and has a safety clasp. The frame is gold over brass with etched designed.The cameo has great carved relief.

Order Number: # pascame Price: $145.00

“Fantastic”High Relief Shell Carved Cameo

Exceptionally great carving of a Lady wearing pearls or beads. The head is very Romanist, probably a figure from Mythology. She is set in Chrome and can either be a pin or a pendant. It measures 1 ¾” by 1 ½” and the depth is a little over ½”. It has the older European clasp. It would make a great addition to any Cameo Collection. It's a beauty.

Order Number: # pCamsWG Price: SOLD

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