Who said Butterflies are Free...Not these, but they are worth the price!
OH! And how about some Bugs too!


Pink Clear Belly Fur Clip Bug

This bug is a fur clip. It measures 1 ¾” by 1 ¼”. It is brass with pink rhinestones in the wings. The eyes are purple high plastic cabochons. The belly is a plastic clear faceted oval piece. It is really a different piece, but really fun to wear! It is in good condition.

Order Number: # cfCZbug Price: $50.00

1930 Pot Metal Multi-Colored Grasshopper Pin

This great Grasshopper pin measures 2 ½ ” by 5/8”. It is a wonderful old pin, all the rhinestones are present and in good condition. It can be seen in Marcia Brown’s “Unsigned Beauties of Costume Jewelry” Page 76.

Order Number: # prsmgrass Price: $95.00

Purple Glass Belly Spider Pin

This spider is done in gold colored wash over pot metal. It has purple rhinestones on the legs and around the neck. Two little red eyes peer out at you! I measures 2 ½” in diameter. The glass body stone is a faceted oval cut purple rhinestone. I believe he’s from the 30’s or 40’s. It’s in great condition. What a great pin for the insect collectors!

Order Number: # pspipur Price: $95.00

Tiny Enamel and Rhinestone Scent Holder Butterfly Pin

This tiny butterfly pin is made out of pot metal with a "c" clasp. It has scent holder, (tiny pocket with cloth) in the back! You were to put perfume on it and then it would smell wonderful all day! It measures 1 2/8" wide and only 5/8" long! It has blue, pink and green enamel and clear diamantes pave set in his wings! This is truly a great collection piece! (Either for jewelry collectors or perfume collectors!)

Order Number: # pperbut Price: $40.00

Large Multi-Colored Butterfly

This butterfly is 3 ½” wide by 2 ¼” tall. This butterfly has it all! Navettes, marquise cut, baguettes, pear shaped stones and molded glass cabochons. It is framed by aurora borealis chatons, even the little antennae have rhinestones on them. They are all prong set and four stones are unfoiled and open back, set in the silver tone metal. This is one great looking butterfly pin.

Order Number: # pbutabmc Price SOLD

New Enamel and Rhinestone Butterfly

This beauty is big! It measures 3 ½" wide and 3" tall! The body and edges of the wings are clear rhinestones, but the middle of the wings are yellows to brown red enamel! It is not a vintage pin, but it is great on! It has a safety clasp and is done in gold tone.

Order Number: # pNbutc Price $30.00

Turquoise & Pink Small Butterfly Pin

The aqua & pink butterfly is pot metal covered in rhinestones. It is 1 ½" wide by 11/8” tall. It has a safety clasp and is set in gold tone metal! Some of the stones are open backed set and some are foiled! Take a look at the back picture!

Order Number: # pbut2rs Price: SOLD

Brownish Gold Cabochon Body Spider Pin

This spider is great looking on a sweater. He measures 2 ¾” in diameter and is done in gold tone metal. The head is a faux baroque pearl and the eyes are red. The legs have on small clear diamante on each and he has a diamante collar. He is a replica for the old 1930’s -40’s spider pins and probably from the 60’s. He is in great shape!

Order Number: # pspidb Price: $85.00

Taylord Gold Filled Leaf with Bug Pin

This is so Cute! The back has an oval plaque marked Taylord 1/20 of 12K Gold Filled. The leaf is 2” by 1 ½ and has a little fly on top of the leaf. The fly has three gold chains hanging down with clear rhinestones at the end. They dangle and move. One rhinestone in the middle has aurora borealis coating. This is a wonderful pin.

Order Number: # pTaybug Price: $59.00

Blue Pot Metal Spider Pin

This spider is pot metal with a gold tone wash,it has a blue body made of a faceted unfoiled rhinestone. The head has tiny chaton cut blue rhinestones pave set and red eyes. It measures 1 1/2" both ways. It has the "rabbit ears" safety clasp. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # pspib Price: $52.00

Marcasites and Yellow Enamel Butterfly Pin

This is a very unusual butterfly! It measures 3" in width and 2 ¼" tall. It is set in an antique silver tone metal with a safety clasp. The marcasites are outlining the butterfly and in the interior. The yellow enamel is what makes it so unusual. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # pgmbutm Price: $79.00

Pot Metal Clear & Red Rhinestone Butterfly Pin

The beautiful pot metal butterfly with pave' set, clear rhinestones on the inside and edged with red rhinestones is 2 ½" wide by 1 ¾" long. The pin stem is out past the sides of the pin. He has the older safety clasp and is a fairly heavy cast item! I'd circa date him in the 20's or 30's. You can see these butterflies is Leigh Leshner’s Book, “Vintage Jewelry 1920’s to 1940’s” on page 21. What color would you like?? All are in great condition. Here is a picture of some of his friends! 3 more like me (In Different colors)!

Order Number: # pbutrot Price: $85.00 a piece

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