Birds and all our Feathered Friends.. are ALL FUN to wear!


Pot Metal Ducks Pin with Jeweled Bellies

These two ducks are one pin set in pot metal and gilded gold tone. They measure 2 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide. One has a green glass belly while the other one has a red glass belly and have glass heads and rhinestones in the neck. This pin has a C clasp and it's probably from the 30s. I like to call this pin a “jeweled” belly pin! It is in great shape no chips or cracks in the large rhinestones and a great collection piece.

Order Number: # p2duckb Price: $ 99.00

Large Rhinestone Turkey Pin

WOW! This is a Large Pin! It measures 4 ½” by 4 ¾”. The back is not finished as some of the stuff coming out of Europe. The story is old finds in a warehouse in Czechoslovakia. But, beside that it’s a great fun to wear!(Especially on Turkey Day!!!)

Order Number: # plTurk Price: SOLD

Large Pot Metal Enamel and Rhinestone Bird Pin

This is an old Pot metal bird with enamel and rhinestones. It measures 5 inches tall by 1 7/8 inches wide. It is a stamp cast, white metal, older piece possibly by Coro. It looks like one of their designs. But it has no markings on the opposite side. The enamel is in wonderful shape and in tones of blue. It has Pave set clear rhinestones on the body and a green rhinestone eye. It is a wonderful pin, probably from the early 30s. Looks great when you wear it!

Order Number: # plbirders Price: $125.00

Pot Metal Gold Tone Momma & Baby Ducks Pins

A wonderful pot metal pin with 3 ducks, a Momma & 2 baby’s. They have satin glass cabochon heads and pave set rhinestones in the body. They also have enameled feet and grass below them.The pin measures 2 ¼” wide and 1 3/8” tall The green enamel base (grass) has some chips, but other that that this pin is in great shape! This is one of the nicest of the 30’s old pot metal pin!

Order Number: # p3duck Price: $ 85.00

Brass Oval Pin with Enameled Herons and Palm Trees

This oval pin measures 2 ¼” wide and 2” tall. The Herons and the palm trees are all done in Enamel. This is probably is from the 30’s.

Order Number: # pgtfal Price: $40.00

Chatelaine Three Flying Bird Pins

This chatelaine has an amazing 3 bird pins attached by 2 chains. This pin has one large (Mama) bird with 2 (baby) birds attached to her! Two chains connect the two smaller birds to the larger bird. The birds are gold tone with red rhinestones in the eyes and tail and small clear diamantes! The large bird is 2 ½' by 2 ¼" and the smaller ones are 1" by 1". The large bird has a regular “rabbit ears” safety clasp, but the smaller birds have a safety- pin type closure! The birds are all cast type pins and in very good condition.

Order Number: # set3bc Price: $ 62.00

Small Swan Pin with 3 Dangling Faux Pearls

This beautiful swan is very well made, but is unsigned and not attributed to any designer! It is 1 ½” wide and 1 5/8” tall including the faux pearl dangles. He seems to have a moonstone in his wing and pave set clear diamantes. There is a tiny red faceted rhinestones near his beak and wing, plus a rhinestone eye. All set in a gold tone metal this swan is top of the line. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was a Trifari 1940’s pin. The red stone in this is identical to the red stone in my Fur Clip Trifari Parure. The condition of the pin is very good!

Order Number: # pswa3p Price: $95.00

Tiny Duck with Umbrella Scatter Pin

This cute little duck is holding an umbrella. He has a faceted oval green body and tiny diamantes in the umbrella. He is set in gold tone pot metal and measures only 1 ¼” by 1” He is in good condition and can be seen in Marcia Brown’s “Unsigned Beauties of Costume Jewelry” Page 64.

Order Number: # pducku Price: $30.00

Sterling Vermeil Turquoise Belly Eagle Pin

This Eagle has a coral eye and a turquoise cabochon in the belly. He is marked SILVER on the back but coated in a gold wash. (Vermeil). He measures 2 ½” wide and 2 ½” tall. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # pSebs Price: SOLD

Multi-Colored Owl Pin

This owl pin reminds me of the Hollycraft pins, but it’s not marked. It’s done in the antiqued gold metal with oval and chaton cut rhinestones. It measures 1 ¾” by ¾” and is in good condition.

Order Number: # powlmc Price: $47.00

Two Mamselle Enameled Pink Bird Pins

These good looking birds in flight are a wonderful pair! They both measure 2 ½” by 1 ¼” and are done in gold tone textured metal! Each has a rhinestone eye and black and pink enameling. They are both signed MAMSELLE on the back. They are in great condition.

Order Number: # pMbirdp Price: $39.00 /a pair

Florenza Rhinestone Bird Pin

This pin is marked Florenza on the back and is done in an antiqued gold tone. The body has chaton cut rhinestones and red rhinestone eyes. This pin measures 2 ½ each way. This is another fine example of the beauty of Florenza jewelry.

Order Number: # pFbir Price: $58.00

Small Enameled Sterling Swan with Top Hat Jeweled Belly Pin

This is such a cute pin, marked Sterling, (hard to see ) but is unsigned and not attributed to any designer. I’d guess that he was 40’s Coro; he’s whimsical. He measures 1 ½” by 1 ¼” tall. His jeweled belly is foiled, but open back setting. The enamel is in great condition and the pave rhinestones are all there! He is set in a shinny gold tone, called vermeil. He is in excellent condition and just a little treasure!

Order Number: # peswan Price: $ 110.00

Chatelaine Pair of Ducks Pin

This wonderful set of Duck Pins is a hefty cast pot metal piece with gold tone wash. Each duck measures 2” both ways and are connected by a chain. The duck have green rhinestones in the wings and clear diamantes in the body. All rhinestones are present and it’s in terrific condition. This duck pin can be seen in Marcia Brown’s “Unsigned Beauties of Costume Jewelry” Page 50.

Order Number: # p2flyd Price: $60.00

Set of Two Vermeil Sterling Penguins

These two Penguins are so cute and very well done. They are both marked Sterling and both have a gold coating on top. They have pave set clear rhinestones and little blue eyes. Each measures 2" by 1 ¼". They are ready to put on a show with their top hat and canes! They are in great condition.

Order Number: # ppegS Price: $120.00 for both or one for $65.00

Sterling Jewel Belly Penguin Pin

This cute little penguin pin has a purple faceted rhinestone as his belly. He measures 2” tall by 7/8” wide. He is marked Sterling on the back, but no other marks. He reminds me of the Trifari Jeweled Belly Pins, done in the early 50’s. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # pSjewb Price: $110.00

Silver Tone Clear Diamantes Pave Set Bird Pin

This bird is just beautiful and I think it may have been part of a pair. If you look at the pictures of the back, you’ll see a bar it has a hole through it. The bird measures 3 by 2”. The safety clasp is an older safety clasp. The bird has red rhinestone eyes and all clear oes are bright and shinny. It really is a great pin!

Order Number: # pclbird Price: $45.00

Coro? Pave Set Royal Eagle Pin

This wonderful eagle pin measures 3” by 1 ½” and is holding the olive branch. He is set in rhodium and has all clear rhinestones, except for the green marquise cut stones in the branch he’s holding. He is very well done and should have a designers name marked on the back, but no readable mark. (It looks like it’s been covered when plated) What a beautiful pin for that patriotic spirit!

Order Number: # prseags Price: SOLD

Set of 3 enameled Rhinestone Bird Pins

This set is just plain NEAT!! The three birds are cast in a pot metal and have enameled wings of blue & yellow, making them have a greenish cast. The little red eye is also painted enamel. The pave set clear rhinestones dot the wings and the beak is yellow enamel. The measurements are as follows from largest to smallest. 2 ½”wide by ¾”, 1 7/8”wide by ¾”, 1 1/4”wide by 1/2”. They are all done in silver tone and have an older safety clasp. What a reall unique set!

Order Number: # p3ebir Price: $55.00

Patriotic Clear Diamantes Eagle Pin

This delightful pot metal eagle pin is pictured in “Warman’s Jewelry” by Christie Romero (All color 3rd Edition) on page 192. He measures 2 3/8” by 2 ¼” and has yellow enamel feet and beak. He also has a red rhinestone eye. The clear diamantes are pave set in the body and wings. It is in good condition!

Order Number: # peagclrs Price: $90.00

Two Tiny bird Scatter Pins

These two pins are quite cute! The blue one is a little chickadee with a mouth wide open. He is 1” by ¾” set in silver tone. He can be seen in Marcia Brown’s “Unsigned Beauties of Costume Jewelry” Page 63 . The other is a parrot with a red marquise cut rhinestone on the wing. He is the same size only set in gold tone.

Order Number: # 2tybi Price: $35.00 for both or 20.00 apiece

2 Cockatiels in Pink Enamel

This pin is 3" by 2"and is done in silver tone pot metal. It consists of 2 Cockatiels with pink enamel tops & tails. Pave set clear diamantes adorn the brids breasts and pink, blue and red enamel flowers are on the green branches. Some of the enamel has worn in spots, but all over it’s in good condition. It is not signed, but Coro did a lot of these birds and some were duettes, this is just the pin.

Order Number: # p2bers Price: $85.00

Enamel Parrot On A Branch Pin

This Parrot is very regal! He has green, red and orange enamel on his body and pave set clear rhinestones on his wings, tail and head. His second wing ,underneath, has some enamel off, but he’s still in fair shape. He measures 3” tall by 2 ¾” wide. He is in the book "Tribute to America" by Bruniali. Page 215. It says that this bird was made in 1940 by Jose Rodrigue, a Cuban citizen resident in New York. He is made of pot metal and the back is slightly cruder than most pins.

Order Number: # pparot2 Price: $69.00

Diamente Chaton Cut Peacock Pin

Just a beautiful peacock, with rhodium coating silver tone and rhinestones. The chatons are red, blue and green unfoiled stones (dentelles ), with a pave set clear diamente body. He can be seen in Rhinestone Jewelry, by Leshner on page 97. (Only that bird has only green colored stones.) This bird has Pizazz!

Order Number: # ppeacp Price: $ 90.00

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