Bangle Bracelets of all types, Slip-ons Cuffs and Hinged


Gold Gilded Pierced Work with a Light Pink glass Square Stone Bangle

This bangle is gold gilded pierced work with a beautiful light pinkish-purple with a clear baguette on each side! It is not signed, but in great condition. It measures 2 ½” in diameter. It is 7/8” wide at the top and ¼” wide at the bottom. It has a slider closer with push clasps on the side. No chips on the stones. This is just a beautiful example of the pierced Work bangles sold in the early 1900’s.

Order Number: # brlppwb Price: $ 225.00

Silver & Gold Pierced Bangle Blue Stone

This bracelet is marked Romar Quality and I found one mentioned in Ettinger's book, “ 1840 to 1940 Popular Jewelry” on page 125, (circa dated to 1925 -- 32). It is 7 ¼” around and 5/8” wide. It has a v spring clasp and a safety chain. The glass stone is aqua-blue and faceted. It’s very nicely made!

Order Number: # brfRQ Price $145.00

Wide Rolled Gold Slider Bangle

This is a great Bangle! It has 2 slider bars that are marked S. & B.L. Co. Pat Sept. 1910 or 19, I can’t read the rest. It measures 7/8” in width. It is 2 5/8” in diameter. It does have 2 initials that look like D,D in the middle, but it really looks like just a design. Check the pictures.

Order Number: # brrgwbr Price:SOLD

P. S. Co. Gold Filled Taille D’epargne Enamel Buckle Bangle

P. S. Co. is Plainville Stock Company from Mass. 1896 to 1943. It is 2 ¼” in diameter and ¼” wide. It is marked Gold Filled, 1/20 of 10K and P. S. Co. It has a safety chain and a box spring clasp. It has Taille D’epargne enamel around the whole thing with a buckle motif. It is in very good condition.

Order Number: # brPSrg Price: $ 375.00 (Firm)

Silver Tone Pierced Work Allco Bangle Red Glass Stone

The Allco signature is an abbreviation of A. L. Lindroth Co., a company that was based in Attleboro, Massachusetts. They closed in 1937. This bangle has pierced work around the whole piece. The bangle has 3 marquise cut red glass stones and tiny clear rhinestones. The bangle is 1/2” wide with a closed-backed setting. The circumference is 2 ¼”, with 2 loop closure and safety chain. It is in very good condition!

Order Number: # brAllc Price $195.00

Deco Silver Toned Pierced Work Blue Glass Stone

A beautiful silver tone pierced work bangle, probably rhodium, has a rectangular light blue glass stone on top. It is not signed, but undoubtedly from the 1920’s to 1930’s. It has a deco style to it and double ring clasp. It measures 3/4” in width. The circumference is 2 1/2”, but opens easily to put on, as it is hinged on one side This is an elegant & classy bangle.

Order Number: # brbluepw Price: $99.00

Early 1900’s Green Glass Rolled Gold Bangle

This bangle was worn and loved the 3 green glass stones have some chips in them, but it doesn’t detract from it’s look. It measures 2 ¼” by 2” inside. It fits a 6 ½” wrist nicely and has a push type clasp. The top measures 1 ½ by 5/8” and the thickness is ¼”. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # brV3gre Price: $180.00

Silver Tone Filigree Bangle Faceted Rectangular Glass Stone

This bangle has some pierced work on the top, but the back is plain. The extraordinary thing about this bangle is the stone. It was hard to get a good picture to show the turquoise-blue, pinkish-red and purple tones in the glass stone. The top is 7/8” wide and open backed set. The circumference is 2 ¼”, but is a “slider”. It means the clasps opens and a piece slides out to allow the hand to go through. It is really cool! It is in very good condition!.

Order Number: # brpwag Price SOLD

Pierced Work Gold and Silver Toned Bracelet with Earrings

This is a pieced work bracelet from the 1920’s. It has earrings to go with it. The earrings look to be dress clips that were converted to screw back earrings. But, they are very comfortable when worn. The bracelet is 2 ¼” in circumference and ¾” wide. The aqua square stone is in the middle of the bracelet. The same stone is in the earrings and they measure 1 ¼” long by ¾”.

Order Number: # setWpw Price $225.00

Pierced Filigree Oval Purple Glass and Enamel Bangle

This bracelet is from the early 1900 and is what they call a “slider”! It opens and has two metal piece that slide out. The bangle is 6 ¾” around and 5/8” wide. It has a faceted oval glass stone in the middle and 1 purple enamel design of leaves on each side. This is a very pretty bracelet.

Order Number: # brpwpur Price: $195.00

Rolled Gold Blue Stone Bangle

This gorgeous rolled gold bangle is from the early 1900s. It tests as 12K gold on the top. It has the initials T A engraved on the inside of the back. The front has a wonderful custom shaped blue glass stone and the opening is a slider. On the slider the company BJM Co. with XXXX L is stamped. This bracelet measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter by 2 1/8 inches in diameter the opposite way. The width of the shank of the bracelet or the band is 3/8 inches and the width at the top is 1 inch. The Bluestone on the top shows no chips or flea bites, it is in beautiful condition!

Order Number: # brBJMb Price $400.00

Wide Gold Filled Etched Bangle

This a nice and wide gold filled bangle. It has wonderful etching on the top. It has a safety chain and a V box spring clasp. It measures 3/4 inches wide and 1/8 inch thick. The diameter of this bangle is 3 1/8”. The etchings are swirls and flowers and are only on the top section. Is it marked W. E. H. G.F. (Gold filled) on the inside. It has been warn and loved and the inside has a few little black marks. (pictures show it.) I would say the condition of this bracelet is fairly good still!

Order Number: # brWEHgf Price SOLD

P. S. Co. Pierced Work Silver Tone Aqua Glass Stone Bangle

This wonderful pierced work bangle! It is done in silver tone and has a large glass aqua colored stone. It measures 2 1/4” in diameter. It is ¼” wide in the back and 6/8” at the top. It has a slider closer with push clasps on the side. It has clear rhinestones on each side of the aqua stone. P. S. Co. is Plainville Stock Company from Mass. 1896 to 1943. Some of these are darken and some are bright. I have not changed any of the rhinestone on this bangle; having left it as found. It does have a small chip on the side of the aqua glass near the bottom of the piece on one side. ( It is very hard to see.) It looks wonderful when worn.

Order Number: # brapwh Price: $189.00

Pierced Hinged Filigree Chromium Bangle with Blue Stones

This bangle is circa 1925 to 1932. It has diamantes edging the front half of the bracelet and 3 elongated diamond cut blue glass stones collet set. It has a safety chain with a push clasp. It is in great condition, and a real beauty!

Order Number: # brbsdec Price: $210.00

1930’s Gold Tone & Black Enamel Bangle

This bangle is circa 1930’s. It is marked With a W in an upside down triangle. That is the JJ White Manufacturing Company, that was established in 1896 in Providence, Rhode Island. It was sold to Samson Company in 1973. It measures 5/8” in width and 2 ¼” in diameter. It is a gold tone metal with a black enamel on the band. Then it appears to be etched, leaving a gold tone design. The stone is a purple glass with an oval cut. It has the patent # 1933576, which was issued to E. L. Weed in 1933. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # brWps Price: $165.00

Deco JHP Silver Tone Pierced Work Green Baguette Bangle

This finding is marked "JHP" for J H Peckham of Attleboro Massachusetts. John H Peckham started this company in 1893 and did fine pierced worked jewelry. These bangles were enormously popular in the early 1920-to 1930’s. It has 3/8” width at the back to a 1” width at the front. The circumference is 2 ¼”, but opens to easily put on, as it is hinged on one side. It has a latched clasp with a safety chain. It is in good condition considering the clear rhinestones on the front have just a little yellowing. The green baguettes are wonderful.

Order Number: # brJHPg Price: SOLD

A.A.G. Gold Filled Etched Flowers Slider Bangle

This bangle is 5/8” in width and 2 ½” in diameter. It is marked inside with A A G 1/10. Probably made in Providence, RI, but I can’t find the maker. It has a push clasp and is a slider. On the top of the bangle 3 etched flowers with lots of leaves. The bottom is plain. This bangle is in great condition with no scratches or dents. It is a very nice bangle.

Order Number: # brAAGfrg Price: $ 315.00

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