Newly Added items

Eisenberg Original Crystals & Pearls Fur Clip

This fur clip is done in pot metal coated a gold bronze tone. It is marked Eisenberg Original and a Circle with what looks like a T. It measures 3 ¼” tall by 2 ¾”. The big clear crystals are faceted and it has faux pearls. It has a depth of ¾”. It is a wonderful old clip. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # cfEOpearl Price: $ 325.00

Large Gold Tone Eisenberg Butterfly Pin

This large butterfly pin is beautiful. It measures 4 ¼” by 3 ¼”. It is multi-colored and all prong set. It is marked Eisenberg in script. The gold colored plating is not as worn as it should be for a pin that’s from the 30’s or 40’s. It must have been kept in the box and hardly worn. It does come with the original Eisenberg box. It is really in great shape and very well made, with some weight to it! It is a wonderful pin, but not cheap!

Order Number: # pEbutt Price: $350.00

Eisenberg Original Green Flower Silver Tone Pin

This flower pin is marked Eisenberg original, but is not all there! I’m not sure what is missing, but the bottom stem has a small hole that looks like it attached to something else. It measures 3 ½” tall by 2”. The green stones are faceted and are in good shape. It still looks good when worn. Check out the pictures!

Order Number: # pEOgreen Price: $75.00

Art Deco 18K White Gold Diamond with Sapphires Ring

This ring is very deco and from around 1919 or 1920’s. It is 18K White Gold with a modern round cut Diamond with 2 small Sapphires on each side. It is a size 6 ½”. It’s in great condition.

Order Number: # rDbS14k Price: SOLD

Miriam Haskell Turquoise Glass Disk Necklace

This necklace is really cool! It has 27 aqua glass disks with rhinestones rondells in between each disk. The rhinestones are set in a brass color metal. It measures 17 ½” around and the disks are ¾” in diameter. It has a hook and tail clasp, so it can be adjustable. The clasp is marked Miriam Haskell. It is in wonderful shape!

Order Number: # nkMHaqua Price: $ 425.00

Juliana Crystal Dangle Demi-Parure

This set includes the earrings and necklace. It is set in gold tone with rhinestones and crystal beads. The necklace is 15 ¼” around with a hook closure. The middle cluster measures 2” long and 1 ½” wide. The earrings are clips and are 1 ¾” long and ¾” wide. It is in wonderful shape.

Order Number: # setJDEdang Price: $ 235.00

Juliana “Easter Egg” Bib Necklace

This wonderful necklace is the “Easter Egg” well-known D & E Bib Necklace. It measures 15” around and 2 ¼” at the widest point and is set in a gold tone. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # nkJEE Price: SOLD

Japanned Red Cabochon & Faceted Demi-Parure

This demi-parure consists of a necklace and earrings. It has the black metal backing called Japanned metal. The necklace measures 15 1/8” long and the widest part is 1 ¼”. It has a hook clasp so it is a little adjustable. It earrings are clips 1 3/8” long and 1” wide. It is in wonderful condition.

Order Number: # setredcab Price: $ 155.00

Unsigned Mariam Haskell Chandler Earrings

These earrings are very nice! They are dangling faux pearls and roundels. They are set in antique gold tone with clip backs. They measure 2 ½” in length and about ½” wide. They are made with all the style and findings that are attributed to M. Haskell! They are in good condition.(Though they are not signed, hence the price!) If I could verify they were Haskell the price would be higher. Your luck if you can!

Order Number: # egtspH Price: $65.00

Italian Macro-mosaic Double Picture Frame

This wonderful little double frame is done with macro-mosaic around the edges. It is hinges in the middle. It measures 4” by 2 ¾” and made in brass. It has little balls on the bottom. It is in fair condition, with a few places that have the little chips are off. You can see it in the pictures!

Order Number: # fmmd Price: $ 65.00 as is

Lady Under Beveled Glass on Glass French Jet

This wonderful oval pin looks like a transfer picture, not hand painted. The lady is wearing a green dress and has a red bow in her hair. It has a “C” clasp which puts it in the late 1800 to early 1900’s. It measures 1 7/8” long and 1 ¼” wide. The glass is beveled on top and the pin is in good condition. It is a great example of old jewelry. You can see it in the pictures!

Order Number: # pbgopic Price: $ 45.00

Lady Under Beveled Glass on Glass French Jet

This wonderful oval pin looks like a transfer picture, not hand painted. The lady is wearing a pink dress with a necklace and has a jewel in her hair. It has a “C” clasp which puts it in the late 1800 to early 1900’s. It measures 1 7/8” long and 1 ¼” wide. The glass is beveled on top and the pin is in fair condition with the paper transfer a little deteriorated around one side. It is a great example of old jewelry. You can see it in the pictures!

Order Number: # pbgopicp Price: $ 40.00 as is

Little Celluloid Jug Ring Box

This cute little ring box is in the shape of a little jug. It is 1 7/8” by 1 ¾” wide with the handle. The top lifts off and a turquoise velvet pad is inside. The cork in the top has broken off, I think it was higher. It is made of celluloid and marked inside “ Frank Holt & Co. Jeweler, Newark, NJ.” It is in good condition.

Order Number: # rbjug Price:SOLD

Rhinestone 50’s Cigarette Box

This cigarette case is 4 ½” by 2 ¼”. It has rhinestones all over the front and on top. The rest of the case is gold tone metal. It is in good condition.

Order Number: # srscig Price: $ 70.00

Sterling Champlevé Enamel with Army Emblem Necklace

This wonderful necklace is probably part of the sweetheart jewelry. It has a 19” silver (925) chain. The pendant is 1 ¾” long (including the faux pearl drop) and 3/8” wide. The eagle is an army emblem. It is in great condition.

Order Number: # nkSswhen Price: $ 125.00

Victorian Wire Rolled Gold Taille d’epergne Earrings

These earrings are wonderful! They measure 1” tall and 5/8” wide. There are no markings on them. They have Taille d’ epergne enamel and test as 12K gold, but look to be rolled gold, not solid.

Order Number: # ergenw Price: $185.00

Miriam Haskell 3 Dimensional Butterfly Pin

This wonderful little butterfly pin is two dimensional. It measures 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches and is signed on the back with a plaque, Miriam Haskell. It is about half an inch in depth and is made very well. It has faux baroque pearls and tiny rhinestones in the body. What a very delightful butterfly pin and a great collectable!

Order Number: # pMHbut Price: $150.00

Miriam Haskell Glass Large Bib Necklace

This necklace has five strands of glass beads connected with gold tone findings. It measures 15 1/2 inches around and 2 1/2 inches wide depending on the area. It has five glass tubes joined in nine sections. The glass beads are brown and amber in a semi translucent shade. The beads are 3/4 inch long and connected by two smaller faceted beads on each side. The lowest ring of small beads dangle out to form a scalloped edge, when worn. What a beautiful necklace. The clasp is 2 inches long with three amber colored beads in the middle of a gold tone and is marked with a Miriam Haskell plaque. It is fairly heavy, weighing about 7.6 oz. But it is very comfortable to wear! What a great conversational piece!

Order Number: # nkMHglasbib Price: $ 525.00

A Brown Carved Bakelite Peacock Pin

This Peacock has heavily carved tail-feathers and a faux pearl eye. He measures 3 1/2 inches tall and 1 3/4 inches wide with a heat set pin in the back. He is in excellent condition with just a little patina on the backside, and you can see by the pictures. It is a really wonderful pin. It is in very good condition.

Order Number: # pBpeac Price: $ 180.00

Lea Stein of Paris Scottie Dog Pin

Lea Stein of Paris and her cellulose acetate pins have become very popular. This Scotty dog is black with a black and white collar and black-and-white ears. He measures 3 3/4 inches tall and 2 1/4 inch wide. The back has a blue and brown fabric sandwiched in with the plastic and has heat set pin. The V-shaped pin back is marked Lea Stein Paris. He is really cute and quite collectable and in great condition.

Order Number: # pLScot2 Price: $ 165.00

Lea Stein Paris Rolls Royce Car Pin

This Rolls-Royce car has a red body and a glittery clear fender. It measures 2 3/4 inches long by 1 1/8 inch wide. The V-shaped pin back is marked Lea Stein Paris and seems to be heat set. What a wonderful piece to add to any Leah Stein collection. It is in great condition!

Order Number: # pLScar2 Price: $ 175.00

Juliana Yellow Greenish Rhinestones Demi-Parure

This wonderful Juliana set has the necklace and the bracelet. It has a light yellowish green color rhinestone and set in a gold-tone metal. The necklace measures 15 1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide for the rhinestone settings. The bracelet is a little bigger than most, measuring 8 inches long by 1 inch wide with the rhinestone setting. It is definitely Julianna and now to find earrings! It is in very good shape, there are a few darker rhinestones in the necklace chain, but it still sparkles! Please look at pictures carefully.

Order Number: # setJy Price: SOLD

Venetian Cake Beads and Satin Swirl Beads

These beads have light blue crystals, faux pearl, cake beads and blue satin beads all connected by wire. The middle has a drop section with one cake bead and one blue satin bead. The necklace measures 33 inches around with a drop section of 2 inches. They are probably from the early 1900s and are in fairly good shape some of the faux pearl coating has come off, but is barely noticeable when worn. It really looks good on!

Order Number: # Bcakesat Price: $ 125.00

Pot Metal Ducks Pin with Jeweled Bellies

These two ducks are one pin set in pot metal and gilded gold tone. They measure 2 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide. One has a green glass belly while the other one has a red glass belly and have glass heads and rhinestones in the neck. This pin has a C clasp and it's probably from the 30s. I like to call this pin a “jeweled” belly pin! It is in great shape no chips or cracks in the large rhinestones and a great collection piece.

Order Number: # p2duckb Price: $ 99.00

P. S. Co. Gold Filled Taille D’epargne Enamel Buckle Bangle

P. S. Co. is Plainville Stock Company from Mass. 1896 to 1943. It is 2 ¼” in diameter and ¼” wide. It is marked Gold Filled, 1/20 of 10K and P. S. Co. It has a safety chain and a box spring clasp. It has Taille D’epargne enamel around the whole thing with a buckle motif. It is in very good condition.

Order Number: # brPSrg Price: $ 375.00 (Firm)

Napier Children's Eating Utensils with Bakelite Handles

These three eating utensils, a spoon, a semi-fork and push tool are marked Napier patent pending. They each have a butterscotch Bakelite handle. The two with a spoon like tops are 4 1/4 inches long and the push utensil is 3 1/4 inches long. They are all marked Napier pat. Pend. What a unique set! The metal is a white silver tone, but not sterling. It does have some corrosive spots, but not bad. All in all it’s in good condition.

Order Number: # ch3eatB Price: $100.00

10K Gold Cameo Ring set with a Diamond

This 10 karat gold ring has a wonderful cameo lady with the necklace set with a diamond. It is a size 6 and marked 10 karat gold. It has another little mark that looks like it was a circle with a G in it, but hard to read. The lady has flowers in her hair and a straight nose, so I’m guessing it’s an older cameo early 1900 or late 1800’s.

Order Number: # r10kcamd2 Price: $290.00

Celluloid Snake Bangle with Green Eyes

This Bangle has carvings of snakes in Celluloid and each snake has green rhinestone eyes. It has a diameter of 2 5/8 inches and is a bangle with a space in between two ends. So, it easily fits 6 1/2 to 7 inch wrist. I am sure is from the 20’s and is in excellent condition!

Order Number: # brCelska Price: $125.00

Old Clear Square Cut Vintage Beads

These clear black square cut beads with black discs beads in between are definitely from the early 1900s.They are in pretty good shape. A few of the square beads do have chips but not too many and none of the beads are cracked. They measure 34 inches long and they have no clasp. This strand is all knotted and in good condition.

Order Number: # Bclbksa Price: $ 120.00

P. S. Co. Pierced Work Silver Tone Aqua Glass Stone Bangle

This wonderful pierced work bangle! It is done in silver tone and has a large glass aqua colored stone. It measures 2 1/4” in diameter. It is ¼” wide in the back and 6/8” at the top. It has a slider closer with push clasps on the side. It has clear rhinestones on each side of the aqua stone. P. S. Co. is Plainville Stock Company from Mass. 1896 to 1943. Some of these are darken and some are bright. I have not changed any of the rhinestone on this bangle; having left it as found. It does have a small chip on the side of the aqua glass near the bottom of the piece on one side. ( It is very hard to see.) It looks wonderful when worn.

Order Number: # brapwh Price: $189.00

Gold Gilded Pierced Work with a Light Pink glass Square Stone Bangle

This bangle is gold gilded pierced work with a beautiful light pinkish-purple with a clear baguette on each side! It is not signed, but in great condition. It measures 2 ½” in diameter. It is 7/8” wide at the top and ¼” wide at the bottom. It has a slider closer with push clasps on the side. No chips on the stones. This is just a beautiful example of the pierced Work bangles sold in the early 1900’s.

Order Number: # brlppwb Price: $ 225.00

Thick Carved Bakelite Mexican Hat Pin

This is a Bakelite carved Hat pin, but very different because of the thickness and the color. It looks black, but was originally red. When you put it under light or let light go through it you can see the red. It is at least 1 1/2" thick at certain points and has a heat set pin. It is 2 3/4" in diameter and heavily carved. It's a great piece and in great condition!

Order Number: # pBcarhat Price: $ 250.00

A.A.G. Gold Filled Etched Flowers Slider Bangle

This bangle is 5/8” in width and 2 ½” in diameter. It is marked inside with A A G 1/10. Probably made in Providence, RI, but I can’t find the maker. It has a push clasp and is a slider. On the top of the bangle 3 etched flowers with lots of leaves. The bottom is plain. This bangle is in great condition with no scratches or dents. It is a very nice bangle.

Order Number: # brAAGfrg Price: $ 315.00

Eisenberg Original Amber Dress Clip

This Eisenberg Original Dress clip is 3 1/4" by 1 5/8" with dark amber clear faceted glass stones and clear pave set rhinestones. It is set in old pot metal gilded gold and darker on the front, with the #4 and Eisenberg Original stamped on the back. This is a wonderful collectors piece.

Order Number: # cdEOoval Price: $ 199.00

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